I Love Brooklyn Bean Roastery Vanilla Skyline & Express-O {REVIEW}

Coffee is one of my favorite things to drink and I am so excited to be able to try new flavors and blends from Brooklyn Bean Roastery.  Today I will be talking about Vanilla Skyline and Express-O.

Cool weather is around the corner, my favorite time of the year, Fall. I love to sit with a rich cup of coffee and a good book.

Typically I pick medium to light roast coffees but I still like to drink any roast. I wanted to try the Vanilla Skyline first just because the picture on the box looked so yummy lol. I usually drink my coffee with half n half and some kind of sweetener (sugar, caramel sauce, flavored syrups). Vanilla is one of my favorite coffee flavors, that and caramel. After brewing my perfect Keurig cup I tried it without anything just so I could test the flavor of the coffee and found that it has a mild sweet vanilla taste that was not over the top. The vanilla was just enough to bring out the best in the Arabica Beans. Great thing about the Keurig cups is you will get the same flavor every time plus it is easy to brew a cup at anytime of the day. 

Vanilla Skyline 

Express-O is a Dark roast, nutty, full-bodied blend. I do not tend to drink these unless it is in a Latte or Macchiato. I do love my Lattes though. I tried this without anything just like I did the Vanilla Skyline just to get the full taste of the coffee. Even though dark roast isn't my thing, I really liked this. It didn't have a bitter taste. I added some hot steamed milk and caramel sauce it made a very tasty Latte.

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