Avery Easy Align Self-Laminating ID Labels Review

I was happy to hear I was picked to review these Avery Easy Align Self Laminating ID Labels from Shoplet.com.  I love to have things labeled so I was excited to see if these were as easy as they looked.  

I decided to pick some drawers for our homeschool stuff, a bottle for glass cleaner and a file folder to try the labels on.


First I went to Avery.com and searched the label number, when it came up I logged in (or you can sign in as a guest) to download the template. Once it downloaded I opened it up and just typed in what I wanted on my labels. I love that you use all different fonts and colors available on Microsoft Word.  Then I just loaded the label sheet into the printer. This was probably the hardest thing I had to figure out, making sure I put the paper into the printer correctly so it printed on the labels. What I did was printed out a test page. Since every printer loads differently I suggest doing this.  Even though I only had half the labels on my sheet to print it still turned out great. It states to only feed each sheet though the printer once so try to fill up a sheet before printing. I figured I can use the extra ones to just write whatever I wanted if  I needed to. Actually if you have pretty handwriting or want to decorate your labels with designs etc that is what you can do.  You can add clipart  or your own barcodes to your labels too.  The possibilities are endless!

After printing it was so easy to laminate them. Just pull the protective cover off, fold over and peel. So easy even my kids can make labels.  The thing I love most is you do not need a label maker or laminating machine to make labels that withstand exposure to many different elements.  Also they will stick to almost any surface, plastic, paper, metal, glass and so much more. 

I can't wait to come up with different things to label now.   Find this Avery product and many others on Shoplet.com.

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