Back to School with Shoplet.com {REVIEW}

School time is here. I love going shopping for school supplies, unlike a lot of people I enjoy looking at all the neat ways to organize. This year is my first year homeschooling a high schooler and I have to admit I am a little nervous. I know I will have to keep better records and organize transcripts. Before high school I only HAD to keep up with the basic things like attendance and end of the year test scores. Shoplet.com makes shopping easy for my organizing needs. Let me tell you about two that I had the pleasure of trying out. 

Subdivided Sections
Lock it Technology

Smead Super Tab Section Folders will work great to keep each school subject separated. I love the 3 compartments so I can divide papers up as needed in one folder. The shorter one on the back cover is great for smaller items, makes them easy to see and find. The lock-it technology is also handy because it keeps the papers from sliding out (which happens a lot if your kids are moving them around). One more thing I really like is the bright colors, I enjoy being able to assign a different color for each project or subject. 

Check out this folder on Shoplet.com

The next item I want to talk about is the Smead Organized Up Vertical Expanding File. Even though this states on the outside income tax doesn't mean that is the only use for it. I think it would also be great for school. I usually plan my lessons out in advance so I can use this to keep the worksheets/lessons I am planning for each day. Great way to organize and make sure I have everything ready for the day. 

If you plan to use it for income taxes it comes with this handy checklist and labels which I thought was nice. Some of the labels included are Deduction/Credit items, Charitable Contributions, W-2's and Vehicle Registration Fees. It has 12 individual compartments to hold all your important papers. You will be able to find all your documents easily when it comes time to head to the accountant. It is sturdy enough that you could use it year after year. 

Check this out on Shoplet.com

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*I received these items free in order to try in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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