Lumsing 12000 mah Power Bank {REVIEW}

These days we all need a good charger on hand to keep our devices on and Lumsing has them. I was recently sent this 12000 mah Power Bank to test and tell. 

First thing I noticed when I first opened the box was the pretty rose gold/pink color. I love this color. One great thing I like about the color is now everyone else in the house will not be stealing my battery charger (I live with all boys). It measures about 5 1/2 X 3 X 1/2 inches, not a bad size to keep in your bag. 

This one was a little different from the other chargers I have seen, it uses a Lightening cable to charge it up and then has 2 USB output ports. This is great because not I am not required to keep 2 cables on hand, one to charge the battery pack & one for my device. 

After charging it up I then charged my iphone and ipad mini with it (they were both below 20% and it still had charge after doing both of them. According to Lumsing you should be able to charge your phone 6 times and a ipad mini 3 times before needing to recharge, and I believe that is pretty doable. It is compatible with all Apple devices. 

The only con I found with this charger was that it does not come with a lightening cable but this is something that would not stop me from purchasing. I like most already have a cable that came with my phone or ipad. 

Just like all the Lumsing products this was no disappointment. I love having a battery pack that is dependable and convenient. You will also get a 18 month warranty 

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