Java Factory Sinful Cinnamon {REVIEW}

If you have read my blog before you know I am a BIG coffee drinker. I drink coffee everyday and anytime of day. Java Factory has this flavor called Sinful Cinnamon for the Keurig that I tried and want to tell you a little about. 
First thing I noticed was the wonderful cinnamon smell of this coffee, it was not too strong just right. Reminded me of a cool fall morning. I usually put creamer of some sort in my coffee but I wanted to first try it without anything just to see how strong the cinnamon flavor was. I thought it had just the right cinnamon taste, it wasn't a hot cinnamon, it was more of a light spicy touch. It has a great combination of sweet and spicy. I do not typically like a strong coffee so this Java Factory flavor was just what I like. Some coffees I have tried the coffee was so strong that it masked the flavor. 
I added some half n half and vanilla syrup to mine and it made a wonderful Cinnamon-Vanilla "Latte". 
I highly recommend this flavor. Sinful Cinnamon is one of Java Factory's fall flavors so get yours now

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