Lakeshore Learning Software Giveaway

Lakeshore Learning is a great place to purchase learning materials for your students or kids. Whether you are a teacher or a homeschool parent this place has something for you. They have everything from software to furniture.

My kids love interactive games so the software works great for them. They learn so much just from having fun.

Nation of Moms blog is having a giveaway for Lakeshore Learning Software if you interested in entering.

Husband in Germany & Gearing Up for a Disney Trip

Talk about busy, I will be extra busy come the next couple of weeks.
My husband will be on a business trip to Hamburg, Germany for a week then when he returns we will be leaving for our trip to Florida, Disney World.

So far my husband has been gone for one day and it really doesn't seem to be much different. It was really strange that he wasn't here last night to put the kids to sleep. He was able to text us from the airport yesterday a few time. He had a flight to Detroit then to Amsterdam then to Hamburg. His long flight across the ocean was about 8 hours, he couldn't call us during that time.
The time differences is hard to catch on to, they are 6 hours ahead of us. He called this morning at 9am and he said it was 3pm there. Its funny that he LOST 6 hours flying over the ocean.

We were going to go with him but decided against it when we found out the tickets were $1000 per person. Plus a 14 hour plane trip probably wouldn't be fun with 2 kids, one which has Sensory Issues. Oh well we will have our turn to travel soon enough.

I know I will be lonely before the end of the week, I guess this is one time I am happy I live on a "family" street.

Hopefully I will have some picture to post later. I will also inform you of any events worth sharing.