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Autism Awareness Month In 3 days

Just some of my thoughts today.......
I am not sure you all know that Autism Awareness Month is April and I am going to try to post as many post about Autism as I can this month. There are so many families that have been impacted by this disorder and it is still not recognized as it should be. If you go into Walmart during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (or any other time) you are able to find items all over to represent that, but not Autism. I would wear an awareness shirt everyday if I had enough, I would buy the pens, the decals, the coffee mugs everything. Dont get me wrong I am a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness also, I just want options to do have both. I have taken the time to make my own shirts but hey its just not the same. Hopefully I will see a difference each year as to the amount big companies like Walmart help out this much needed cause but until then I guess I can email and ask and hope someone listens.

I live in such a small town that now our local Autism Society Group is basically shutting down due to lack of particiation. We have meeting monthly and usually its only 3 of us there. There are plenty of families in our group just no one really wants to be involved. I am not really sure why since I am only in my second year I have not even been able to meet most of the families. Its so sad that we could have all this support and could really bring more awareness to autism if others would be willing to help out. The 3 of us that do take part in the group are planning on doing a bulletin board at our public library for the month (last year I did it myself). I wish I had the time to direct the group myself but if you dont really have a group what are you to do.

If anyone has any ideas that I could use to bring awareness to our small town please leave me a comment, remember I will be doing this alone. Some quick links if you need more information on autism



Shine some light on autism a disorder than affects 1 in 110 children--1 in 70 boys- and bring much needed attention to this global health crisis.

The question I ask myself...

Would it be a problem if 1 in 110 people became sick of the flu or any other disorder? YES, so why is it not more done about autism.

Autism Speaks has launched a Light It Up Blue Campaign to help bring awareness to Autism.

Please go to Autism Speaks and make your pledge to participate.

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Songberries: Gulliver’s Travels Review & Giveaway!

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1st Annual HEAR Geography Fair

Our homeschool group had their 1st Annual Geography Fair this year. I volunteered to make the arrangements AND of course help my son make his project. I believe now that may have been biting off more than I could chew.

My son decided to do the country of Brazil, mostly the Amazon Rainforest. The first picture here is of our project. We did a diorama of the rainforest, complete with snakes, frogs, lizards, birds, and monkeys. It was actually pretty simple to make and is a great visual. It seem to be a hit at the fair with the kids. We also had one of the Talking Macaw's that were popular a few years ago which made a great addition.

Our fair included about 14 families in all which countries including Japan, Egypt, Russia and India.
Overall I think the fair was a hit and the kids enjoyed showing off the hard work they did. Plus Shhhh but there was some learning going on.