After a long day of getting out boxes to Christmas decor I finally got our tree up. Now I have just got to keep the cat away from it. So far he has already slapped a ball off of it, chewed on the limbs, and pulled the lights (note the bottom of the tree) and its only been up a day. One year my youngest knocked the whole tree over so I guess worse things could happen. We just need some presents under it now!!

The Coffee Klatch

I found a great interactive forum on Blog Talk and Twitter that features expert guests, incfoluding award winning authors, doctors, psychologists, advocates and respresentatives from the worlds most respected childrens organizations. They have a different daily topic that covers all disabilities both physical and emotional. Go to the website at THE COFFEE KLATCH.

"I'm An Artist" Movie Trailer

Here is a story about an art teacher and a group of children, all with different learning disabilities showing the world that they are capable of creating wonderful artwork. With help from a dedicated teacher these children work to collaborate their first professional art gallery exhibition. I would recommend this story to all parents, teachers, therapists, and people in the medical field. Its proof that people with disabilites in one area, exceed in others.
Go to "I'm A Artist" Website to purchase a download or DVD.


Giveaway – Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love Audiobook

Oogy: The Dog only a Family Could Love -- Audiobook By Larry Levin Read by Joe Barrett 5 Unabridged CDs.

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Free Christmas Desktop Backgrounds

I love holidays because I can change my desktop picture to fit the holiday. I ran across these while looking for a Christmas picture and thought I would share them. Enjoy!

Black Friday, Is it Worth it?

Black Friday has always been difficult for me since I consider myself a bargain hunter, so it is hard to decide if it is worth going to fight with the crowd, wait in the long lines, fight parking and worry about the people that prey on others during this hectic time. In the past years I have gotten up at 4am just to go wait in line to get into Walmart to spend money. Don't get me wrong there are some great deals to be gotten on this day but is it worth it to save 10.00 or so. It could end up costing you more than that in the long run. I have found usually they do not buy enough of the product on sale and unless you are one of the first 10 people you miss out anyway. Most stores will have these items on sale at a later date (if they have any left).
In closing I have gotten educated about store policies so if I missed out on an item today there is a good chance I will get another chance (plus I got to sleep in).


LifeVerse® Jewelry ~ Inspirational Message Bracelet {Holiday Giveaway} 2 Winners

This is a great way to show your support to something dear to you. I really like the Autism Awareness Bracelets but there is one for just about anything. You can also create your own design. For more information about LifeVerse Jewelry CLICK HERE


Day Before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving is filled with cooking, crafts, and storytime at Flat River Academy. First thing this morning I had to get started on my TOM Turkey Cupcakes. I found this recipe on the Family Fun website. Of course the kids like to help stir and mix then they cant forget to lick the bowl. They even helped decorate a little, but mostly just the ones they wanted to eat. Then I made a Orange Fluff Salad. I have never made this before and since it had Ritz Crackers under OJ and Cool Whip I just had to try it. We will find out tomorrow if its a hit.

The craft I decided on was also from Family Fun website, it was called Dinnertime. It called for a paper bag, paper lunch bags, paper towels, scrap paper, tape, scissors, a staple and a willing child. I thought this was fun, but I did not have to wear it. I told them they had to wear them to Grandma's house tomorrow. I bet they won't do it. Hey, they were fun to make and made a good picture to show them when they are older.

Storytime. We read one Thanksgiving book and then one that wasn't. The first one was "Thelonius Turkey Lives" by Lynn Rowe Reed and the other was "Mouse Was Mad" by Linda Urban. I think me and the boys really enjoyed the Mouse book plus it had a good lesson about how you look to others when you get mad. A lesson is always a plus when reading to my kids.

Mouse Was Mad @ Amazon

Thelonius Turkey Lives @ Amazon

I think now we are ready for Thanksgiving!!

{Brag Worthy Christmas} Epson Stylus Printer Giveaway

Dont you want to print large pictures at home? Well here your chance to win a printer that can do that and a whole lot more. Giveaway ends December 7th. Click Here to go to the giveaway.

Living on Love and Giveaways: Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband Giveaway!

Living on Love and Giveaways: Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband Giveaway!: "I was looking for an internet card to be able to use while on vacation about a month ago and found the Verizon Prepaid mobile broadband. To ..."

Thomas & Friends DVD Giveaway

Giveaway – Thomas & Friends Adventure Pack 4 DVD Set – Ends 11/27/10
November 11, 2010

Thomas & Friends: Adventure Pack
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Synopsis: Full steam ahead for friendship and fun with Thomas and his engine pals! This full series set has exclusive, heartwarming tales on the tracks filled with more adventures, and more lessons than ever before. Capture the spirit of Thomas as he learns to share his workload and experience exciting festivals and surprises in these episodes, including never before seen on TV footage exclusive to the DVDs. Hop on board and put on your conductor’s hat for this thrilling all-in-one-set with Thomas & Friends.

Do we need more Thomas & Friends DVDs? Absolutely! Each DVD teaches and reinforces positive lessons. They’re fun for kids and Thomas is definitely a good influence to encourage good attitudes and good behavior.

This 4 pack is a great value that will provide lots of fun. The DVDs include:

•Railway Friends
•High Speed Adventures
•Team Up with Thomas
•Percy and the Bandstand
Each disc ranges from 40 to 46 minutes and includes regular episodes and bonus features (games, read-alongs, bonus episodes). There is a good assortment of games that teach a variety of good skills and good behavior. Each dvd will encourage interactive learning, whether your kids are playing the dvd games or creating adventures with their own Thomas toys.

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Age of Autism

AGE OF AUTISM website. This is one of my favorite autism websites. Above is a picture of the book available on the website,

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