Susan Heim on Parenting: An Amazing New Year's Giveaway from Barnes and Nob...

Susan Heim on Parenting: An Amazing New Year's Giveaway from Barnes and Nob...: "A few weeks ago, I hinted that I would be giving away a brand-new Barnes and Noble NOOKColor Reader's Tablet, and now that time has arrived!..."


The Freebie Junkie: Holiday gift Guide: PlasmaCar Review & Giveaway

The Freebie Junkie: Holiday gift Guide: PlasmaCar Review & Giveaway: "Welcome to The Freebie Junkie's Holiday Gift Guide Gift: PlasmaCar Category: Children's Gift Review & Giveaway My children h..."


Community Coffee Gift Basket Giveaway

Stop by Moms Own Words-New England Mom Blog, Freelance Writer Product Reviews and Giveaways.
Enter Community Coffee Break Gift Basket Giveaway

I LOOOOVE coffee so of course I would love to try Community Coffees new holidays flavors, I have tried some of their other flavors so I expect these to be nothing less than great!!



Christmas is gone now but Santa left us lots of goodies. My kids have been busy all day playing with their new toys and gadgets. Now we are looking forward to what the New Year brings.

Along with a bunch of goodies we also received about a half of foot of SNOW. The first time it has snowed here on Christmas in almost 40 years. I love snow, probably since I do not see it alot and I dont need to go anywhere for a few days. It was surely a great addition to Christmas!


LIST OF ALL BLOGS WITH Pillow Pets Games and Pillow Pet Giveaway

Its no secret that Pillow Pets are one of the most popular pillows ever and they sale more than just pillows. My favorite one in Sassy the Cat but I like them all and would love to have them all just like my kids. We would start a Pillow Pet Farm if we could. Pillow Pets also have backpacks, blankets, and now they have released games to go with their "Pets". The games are called Dreamland Adventure and Dreamland Memory.

BLOGS WITH THIS GIVEAWAY (enter all for more chances to win)

Hope Cafe Blog, Pink Dandy Chatter, The Freebie Junkie, Thoughts of a Wife and Mommy and Children Teaching Mama have a giveaway for BOTH of these games and a Pillow Pet.

Click on this link to enter the HOPE CAFE giveaway
Pillow Pets + Pillow Pets Games = Great Gifts
Click on this link to enter the PINK DANDY CHATTER giveaway
My Pillow Pets
Click on this link for CHILDREN TEACHING MAMA giveaway
Click on this link for THE FREEBIE JUNKIE giveaway
Pillow Pets & Games
Click on this link for THOUGHT OF A WIFE AND MOMMY

If you are like me you enter all the blogs you can if you really want that item. So Happy Blogging.

Susan Heim on Parenting: Teach Them to Tie Their Shoes with Tie Buddies! (G...

Susan Heim on Parenting: Teach Them to Tie Their Shoes with Tie Buddies! (G...: "I have something embarrassing to tell you. My twins just turned 7 years old, and they still don’t know how to tie shoes! Thanks to Velcro, ..."

Frosty The Snow COOKIE

This is another one of our Advent Activities. Baking a Snowman Cookie. My boys loved licking the bowl that I made the frosting in. I so remember doing that when I was small and my Mom or Grandma made a cake. It turned out really good, I just think he needs a hat!


Shoveling Snow

This was one of our Advent Activities this week, a game called Shoveling Snow.

It was very easy to set up and fun to play and watch.

What you need:

Some Cottonballs

A bowl


You put the cottonballs out on the table randomly. Set out a bowl for each person about 2 foot in front of them. Place a small dab of Vaseline on their noses, and instruct them to push the cottonballs into the bowls ONLY using their nose. NO HANDS.

My boys enjoyed this and even did it a few time later just for fun.

Christmas Tree Art

My boys made these Christmas Trees for our Art Class.
I got the idea from one of my favorite sites Family Fun.

{Leslie Loves Veggies} Keurig MINI Plus Brewing System

This time of year I drink coffee or another HOT drink all day and the Keurig MINI Brewing would be perfect so I do not have to make a whole pot to get a great cup.

There are over 200 K-cups to use with the system so you never have to drink the same two days in a row. Included are Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Tully's and many more.

Leslie Loves Veggies Blog is giving away one MINI Brewer PLUS Hot Apple Cider K-cups to a lucky reader on January 4.

To read more about the Keurig Brewing System and the giveaway CLICK HERE

{Bragging Mommy} Orient Automatic Watch Giveaway

Would you like to WIN a great Christmas gift. Just go to Bragging Mommy Blog and enter the giveaway for a Orient USA Automatic Watch. Ends December 22.

Orient Website

To enter giveaway CLICK HERE


Polar Express Night


I love this movie it has such a good lesson.

We listen to the story all year long on Storyline. This site also has many other great books your kids will love to listen to.

Tonight is the Advent Night for "Polar Express". I planned out a night of events. I am going to hand out golden tickets then of course we have to punch them (I will try to make letters but probably will have no luck), make hot chocolate and popcorn, listen to the book story and then cuddle on the couch to watch the movie.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe

2 egg yolks (beaten in small bowl set aside)

One bar chocolate
1 cup of milk

Whipped Cream
Candy Cane (optional)

Marshmellows (optional)

Break chocolate into small pieces and place in small sauce pan.

Add milk and heat over medium heat. Stir contantly. Let cool

slightly and fold in egg yolks. You want to stir contantly to avoid eggs from curdling. Continue to stir until cocoa is just the right temperture. Add whipped cream and candy cane and marshmellows.

OUR KIDS MOM Pajama City Giveaway


Click the link above to go to OUR KIDS MOM blog to enter for a chance to win some footed pajama's from Pajama City.


Toys"R"Us Hot Holiday Toy Giveaway - Enter Now for Your Chance to Win!

Toys"R"Us Hot Holiday Toy Giveaway - Enter Now for Your Chance to Win!: "We're giving away 400 instant win prizes valued at over $20,000! Come back each day for 10 days for your chance to win one of 40 prizes. For each daily play, you'll receive one extra entry into the Grand Prize drawing, a fabulous prize package of 15 toys valued at more than $1,500!"


Our First Snow of the Winter

This is the snow falling on December 4 2010.

What's For Supper?

Yesterday I was at the therapy office for my son and I was sitting beside this lady on the phone, I could hear what she was saying (since she was right beside me). She was talking about what she was going to make for dinner, it was Taco Soup. I thought that sounded very good on a cold day. I had to go to Target anyway so I decided to pick up stuff to try to make this. I found a recipe on my IPad before I went to Target. It was so many to choose from but I settled on Paula Deen's recipe. If you would like this recipe Click Here to go to Food Network's Paula Deen's Taco Soup.

While I was making it my oldest was complaining that it had onions in it (of course if he had not seen me he wouldn't even know). I put it in the CrockPot for about 4 hours.

It was a hit!! I scooped some out and topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream with a few red pepper flakes.


Blog Review

As you have probably noticed I like to enter blog contest, I just started doing it and still trying to figure out a good system for keeping track of the contest I enter. I have noticed that depending on the blog they all have different rules, some better than others. There have been some that I have passed up due to what they have ask for, here are some reasons I personally do not enter the contest...

1 They ask you to do 2 or 3 things for one entry.

2 They want you to put your email in the entry, there are just too many hackers and crazies out there.

3 They want me to put my Facebook name in the comment. I dont mind "liking" them and leaving a comment on their wall so they will know.

4 Ask me to follow the company or product AND them in order to Tweet.

5 They do not have a standard Retweet statement to use that will fit in the Tweet space. You can only have 140 characters.

6 Some do not post the winners for a long time or I am not sure if anyone won of not because I never see it posted.

7 If the giveaway is over, close it so no more comments can be made or post end date clearly.

These are just some of my opinions and I think if bloggers want alot of follower they should think about what they are asking the followers to do. Let me say this that MOST bloggers I have come across are very professional, organized, and considered, this list is just some things I noticed that are kinda a turn off.


Scholastic Book Giveaway from {Bragging Mommy}

If you and your children like books I am sure you could use this giveaway.

Bragging Mommy Blog is giving away a Scholastic Holiday Prize Pack. (which includes Captain Sky Blue. It's Christmas, David, Ook and Gluk, Tony Baloney, Odious Ogre, & I Spy Christmas.

These would make great gifts for your reader in the family.
So go to Bragging Mommy Blog to enter.


I think I've been HAD!

This is something that I should have known was going to happen but I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
Back in October our area finally was able to get DSL internet and of course since we have had to deal with the fun dial-up and then a internet data card we wanted to try it out. There was a write up in the local paper about DSL being available in our area with a phone number to call if we were interested. I called that number and talked to a guy named Andy, he explained everything to me and gave me the price of getting the service. I wrote down everything he told me (something I learned along time ago, if you cant record the information you NEED to write it down) and I told him I would think about it and call back. A few days later I called back and told him I would try it.
He explained that the package I will get included phone service, Caller ID, Call Waiting and 50 minutes of long distance plus the DSL service at 55.00 a month. I made sure I ask him if that price included taxes, he said YES.
OK on the first month the bill was very confusing because it had a bunch of pro-rated charges so I could not tell what was what but I did notice that I did not have 50 minutes of long distance so I called him and he told me that it should be on the next bill and it was that way because of the pro-rating.
WELL, this month I received what is suppose to be a "normal" bill and lets just say it is NOT 55.00. So I called the 1-800 number and talked to someone and they said they didnt know how he gave me that price. Of course the numbers she gave me did not add up either. So after I got the bill today I called Andy again and guess what his number that I called to get the service has been disconnected. Does that seem weird to anyone else?
Now my 30 days money back is over and I was lied to about what I was going to get and how much it was going to cost me. This is why I hate dealing with things over the phone because people can tell you anything and there is nothing you can really do about it. The other bad thing is CENTURY LINK is the ONLY land line phone service available in our area. Like I said I have been HAD!


{Bragging Mommy} Jada Toys Battle Machines Laser Tag Cars Giveaway

Check out this giveaway from by clicking here The Bragging Mommy blog.

This is some information the her blog about the giveaway.

"Use your Remote Controller to navigate your Battle Machine into position to shoot your opponent with an invisible IR (infrared) laser to knock one level off their shield. Be careful not to allow yourself to get shot."
These would make get gifts for the little boy in your life.

A Good Day Blogging

I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago and I didnt think I would really enjoy doing it as much as I do. I have entered giveaways and actually won a few things. Yesterday was by far the best day, I won a "Oogy" audiobook, a Rock N Learn Dvd, and a Kranich's Diamond Necklace. The funny thing was I forgot I entered the contest for the necklace because that was when I first started and I didnt write it down. It was a pleasant surprise.
It is hard work blogging though, its alot of typing and if you do more than one or two keeping up with the different requirements is diffcult. I usually do most of mine late at night or when I have some spare time. I would love to get into reviewing products on my blog but since I just started I expect that would be hard to do.
I am looking forward to today too, it is alot of giveaways ending, so who knows maybe today will be good too.


GiftZip.com Giveaway Movies for a Year

If you love movies you should enter the contest on GiftZip.com. You will have a chance to win $520 Fandango Bucks that equals 10.00 (cost of a movie ticket) a week for 52 weeks. To enter click HERE.

"Carschooling" by Diane Flynn Keith

Carschooling is about turning travel time in to learning time. If you are a mom that feels like they spend half of the day in the car with your children, this is a must have for you. I am a homeschool mom and my son is diagnosed with autism and unfortunately due to the fact we live out in the boon docks we have to ride one hour (one way) to go to therapy twice a week. I am not even going to mention the regular travel we have to do but you get the idea. I feel like I waste alot of valuable time that I could be spending schooling my kids. Diane Flynn Keith was gracious enough to send me her book to try out. The day I got it I sat down and read through it and decided the activities that would work for my kids (and believe me there are plenty). It includes Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Sciences, Geography, Visual and Performing Arts, Foreign Languages, and Physical Education and Health. I have not had a chance to try alot of the activities yet but so far all have been successful.
To purchase your own book or sign up for free "Carschooling Calendar" History on the go newsletter go to Carschooling Webpage.


Pillow Pet Review and Giveaway Links

A good way to get your child or grandchild one of the most popular pillows this year, Pillow Pets. These would be a great gift for anyone, who wouldnt want to soft, cuddly pillow on a cold winter day. Hope Cafe and Babylovingmoma blogs are both giving away one Pillow Pet. To enter one or both of these giveaways click the links below, and while you are there check out their other giveaways.
To enter the giveaway for the Ladybug Pet (ends 12-6) at *Hope Cafe* blog Click HERE.
To enter the giveaway for a Pillow Pet of your choice (ends 12/10) at *Babylovingmama* blog Click HERE.
To go to "My Pillow Pet" Website Click HERE.

*Pink Dandy Chatter* Community Coffee Gift Set Giveaway

Here is a great giveaway on one of my favorite blogs, Pink Dandy Chatter. The gift set includes 4 12oz packages of some of their best ground coffee, flavors included are Holiday Jazz, Bread Pudding, Breakfast Blend, and Cinnamon Roll. This would make a great gift to the coffee lover on your list OR yourself.

To enter this giveaway click HERE.

Advent 12 Days Till Christmas

Every year I try to do some kind of countdown to Christmas activity, this year will be no different. I have the usual box of candy for each day for 25 days but I wanted to do something different this year. I found a blog called Confessions of a Homeschooler that had the great idea to make ornaments and write an Christmas activity on the back of each one. This is the one I decided to do. I printed out only 12 days and then wrote my own activities on the back. I hung my up on the dining room blinds with paper clips and then put Christmas stickers up in the shape of a Christmas tree. The picture above was taken in the daytime but the tree looks better at night.
I hope I can remember to take picture each night while we are doing these so I can post them.



After a long day of getting out boxes to Christmas decor I finally got our tree up. Now I have just got to keep the cat away from it. So far he has already slapped a ball off of it, chewed on the limbs, and pulled the lights (note the bottom of the tree) and its only been up a day. One year my youngest knocked the whole tree over so I guess worse things could happen. We just need some presents under it now!!

The Coffee Klatch

I found a great interactive forum on Blog Talk and Twitter that features expert guests, incfoluding award winning authors, doctors, psychologists, advocates and respresentatives from the worlds most respected childrens organizations. They have a different daily topic that covers all disabilities both physical and emotional. Go to the website at THE COFFEE KLATCH.

"I'm An Artist" Movie Trailer

Here is a story about an art teacher and a group of children, all with different learning disabilities showing the world that they are capable of creating wonderful artwork. With help from a dedicated teacher these children work to collaborate their first professional art gallery exhibition. I would recommend this story to all parents, teachers, therapists, and people in the medical field. Its proof that people with disabilites in one area, exceed in others.
Go to "I'm A Artist" Website to purchase a download or DVD.


Giveaway – Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love Audiobook

Oogy: The Dog only a Family Could Love -- Audiobook By Larry Levin Read by Joe Barrett 5 Unabridged CDs.

To Enter this Giveaway go to SweepsBlogger Site. Ends 12/1 -2 Winners

Free Christmas Desktop Backgrounds

I love holidays because I can change my desktop picture to fit the holiday. I ran across these while looking for a Christmas picture and thought I would share them. Enjoy!

Black Friday, Is it Worth it?

Black Friday has always been difficult for me since I consider myself a bargain hunter, so it is hard to decide if it is worth going to fight with the crowd, wait in the long lines, fight parking and worry about the people that prey on others during this hectic time. In the past years I have gotten up at 4am just to go wait in line to get into Walmart to spend money. Don't get me wrong there are some great deals to be gotten on this day but is it worth it to save 10.00 or so. It could end up costing you more than that in the long run. I have found usually they do not buy enough of the product on sale and unless you are one of the first 10 people you miss out anyway. Most stores will have these items on sale at a later date (if they have any left).
In closing I have gotten educated about store policies so if I missed out on an item today there is a good chance I will get another chance (plus I got to sleep in).


LifeVerse® Jewelry ~ Inspirational Message Bracelet {Holiday Giveaway} 2 Winners

This is a great way to show your support to something dear to you. I really like the Autism Awareness Bracelets but there is one for just about anything. You can also create your own design. For more information about LifeVerse Jewelry CLICK HERE


Day Before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving is filled with cooking, crafts, and storytime at Flat River Academy. First thing this morning I had to get started on my TOM Turkey Cupcakes. I found this recipe on the Family Fun website. Of course the kids like to help stir and mix then they cant forget to lick the bowl. They even helped decorate a little, but mostly just the ones they wanted to eat. Then I made a Orange Fluff Salad. I have never made this before and since it had Ritz Crackers under OJ and Cool Whip I just had to try it. We will find out tomorrow if its a hit.

The craft I decided on was also from Family Fun website, it was called Dinnertime. It called for a paper bag, paper lunch bags, paper towels, scrap paper, tape, scissors, a staple and a willing child. I thought this was fun, but I did not have to wear it. I told them they had to wear them to Grandma's house tomorrow. I bet they won't do it. Hey, they were fun to make and made a good picture to show them when they are older.

Storytime. We read one Thanksgiving book and then one that wasn't. The first one was "Thelonius Turkey Lives" by Lynn Rowe Reed and the other was "Mouse Was Mad" by Linda Urban. I think me and the boys really enjoyed the Mouse book plus it had a good lesson about how you look to others when you get mad. A lesson is always a plus when reading to my kids.

Mouse Was Mad @ Amazon

Thelonius Turkey Lives @ Amazon

I think now we are ready for Thanksgiving!!

{Brag Worthy Christmas} Epson Stylus Printer Giveaway

Dont you want to print large pictures at home? Well here your chance to win a printer that can do that and a whole lot more. Giveaway ends December 7th. Click Here to go to the giveaway.

Living on Love and Giveaways: Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband Giveaway!

Living on Love and Giveaways: Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband Giveaway!: "I was looking for an internet card to be able to use while on vacation about a month ago and found the Verizon Prepaid mobile broadband. To ..."

Thomas & Friends DVD Giveaway

Giveaway – Thomas & Friends Adventure Pack 4 DVD Set – Ends 11/27/10
November 11, 2010

Thomas & Friends: Adventure Pack
HIT Entertainment – Lionsgate
Not rated
4 Discs
Release date 11/16/10

Synopsis: Full steam ahead for friendship and fun with Thomas and his engine pals! This full series set has exclusive, heartwarming tales on the tracks filled with more adventures, and more lessons than ever before. Capture the spirit of Thomas as he learns to share his workload and experience exciting festivals and surprises in these episodes, including never before seen on TV footage exclusive to the DVDs. Hop on board and put on your conductor’s hat for this thrilling all-in-one-set with Thomas & Friends.

Do we need more Thomas & Friends DVDs? Absolutely! Each DVD teaches and reinforces positive lessons. They’re fun for kids and Thomas is definitely a good influence to encourage good attitudes and good behavior.

This 4 pack is a great value that will provide lots of fun. The DVDs include:

•Railway Friends
•High Speed Adventures
•Team Up with Thomas
•Percy and the Bandstand
Each disc ranges from 40 to 46 minutes and includes regular episodes and bonus features (games, read-alongs, bonus episodes). There is a good assortment of games that teach a variety of good skills and good behavior. Each dvd will encourage interactive learning, whether your kids are playing the dvd games or creating adventures with their own Thomas toys.

Go to Sweeps4Bloggers to enter (Button to the right)

Age of Autism

AGE OF AUTISM website. This is one of my favorite autism websites. Above is a picture of the book available on the website,

Pink Dandy Chatter: Giveaway Lollipopsugarshoppe Ends 11/28

Would you like two candy apples for Christmas. Check out this giveaway from Pink Dandy Chatter.
Ends Nov 28
Click the link below to go to the giveaway

To Enter the giveaway go to PINK DANDY CHATTER

"13 Works" Giveaway Ends 11/30

Click the BIRD to go to the giveaway.