Fido's Scavanger Hunt from Little Learning Tots Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing Little Learning Tots fun, exciting app. Fido is a little monkey with all the clues for your child to follow.

It has 2 different modes for children of different ages. This was one thing I really liked about this app.
Free Play
Interactive play, Feed the Birds, Wake the Dog, go to the treehouse or the park, grow a plant, do not leave any rock unturned.

Challenge Mode
This mode is harder for the older kids. Solve puzzles to help Fido find the treasure.

The graphics and artwork was wonderful in this app. It was fun to just wander around and interact with different things.

My youngest enjoyed the Free Play alot he loved just clicking on everything to see what happened. My older son liked this too but it wasn't much of a challenge for him. He preferred the Challenge Mode. It took him a good 45 minutes to go through all the clues and complete the game.

Teaches Independent Play, Exploration skills, Following Directions, Puzzle Solving Skills.

Compatible with Ipad 2 and Up.

 $2.99 In App Store

 Free Version (Free play only) also in App Store

Nine Britannica kids apps ($4.99 each) are on sale for $0.99!

Click here for a download link or to read more about the Britannica Kids sale!

Coin-Catcher App from PlayMoolah Giveaway (3 Winners)

I was contacted by PlayMoolah and ask to try out their new app Coin-Catcher Lite, a cool educational app that teaches about coins.  I downloaded it and let my kids play it and ask their opinion of it. I have a 8 year old and a 10 year old, they both said they liked it. They said that it was fun and challenging. I think younger kids will enjoy this app plus it is educational which is always a plus.

This is the description from the developer:
Coin catcher is our first Ipad app of our larger playmoolah platform - a fun world for kids aged 6-12 to learn about money. There's even a parent's interface for you to get involved! Sharing our philosophy - Through real dollars, real action, and real impact, we empower kids to see how money can help achieve their goals and create value in the world.
To read some other reviews about Coin-Catcher check out Babble's Top 50 Apps and  Famigo.

I have 3 Promo Codes for the Full Version (1.99) I would like to giveaway to my readers.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Daily Woman Blog does not hold any responsible for delivery of prizes, that is the sole responsibility of the sponsors. 



Lilla Rose Giveaway at Pecan Pastures

Just Click the Lilla Rose Picture above to enter.

No More Tangled Earrings Handmade Earring Holder

I seen this cool idea online. I wanted a place to hang all my earrings so they wouldn't get all tangled up so I used a old picture frame, a sheet of plastic canvas, some glue, scrapbook paper and paint. I thought it turned out pretty good. I have some ideas for some other ones and since I have almost filled this one up I might be doing some more.

My Hand at Nail Art

I love to go get my nails and toes done at the salon but at $10 a pop just to get my toenails painted and up to $15 if I want a pretty design I decided to try to do my own nails. I just searched Pinterest for a design I liked and thought I could do. I did purchase the little dot tool to make the dots on Amazon for 4.00.

                                          These I done the other day.

These I did a few week ago.

                              These were my Autism Awareness Month Toes

South Shore Poplar Twin Loft Bed Giveaway at 88hours.com


No Need to be RUDE

So my giveaway talk continues.

I recently have been entering giveaways for the same company since I really like the product and the more you enter the better chance I have of winning. Well I won a prize a few weeks ago and the sponsor sent me an email telling me I won and to email her back with my information. The problem came about when she found out I had used the certificate that they use to redeem the prize once before. I had used one of the certificate but with another sponsor and I guess the certificates are can only be used by one person one time. When she told me this I told her I had been told from other sponsors that it was ok and they would just have to order my prize directly OR send me the certificate for a gift. I don't think she liked either idea because even from her email I could pick up on her rudeness. OK wait a minute I entered the contest just like the rules said and now I have got to put up with rudeness, I don't think that is fair.
If you are going to have a giveaway you need to know what you are doing and if you are new at it and make a mistake don't take it out on the wrong person.
She may not think she was rude but  when you make someone feel like they did something wrong it is rude. Once I did get my prize she made sure to tell me I was the one who taught her she needs to clarify the conditions of her giveaways. (again making ME feel I did something wrong)

I have had problems like this before and usually the sponsor are really understanding and considerate and trust me I have dealt with alot of sponsors and bloggers since I enter so many giveaways. I can't say how nice most of them are and they are the ones I come back to.
One thing I know I will not be BUYING from this sponsor or referring anyone else to do so.

Anyone else ever had to deal with a rude sponsor or blogger after winning a giveaway?


AppyMall - Best Place to Shop for Apps

Lilla Rose Giveaway @ Sugar Pop Ribbons

You guys know by now I love Lilla Rose. I have purchased two of them during the sale they had last month and I can't say enough about them.

I wrote a review about them also so check my past post to see what I had to say.

There is another giveaway on Sugar Pop Ribbons for 2 Lilla Rose Items. So head over there to get your chance to win.

Switched-On SchoolHouse Curriculum Review

This year I decided to go back to the Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse Curriculum for my 5th grader. He had problems last year with all the reading he had to do so I am hoping switching will help.

This is one of my favorite Christian Based computer based programs. It is super easy to set up and add subjects. Its flexible and you can customize it , so it fits the students needs.

Basically to set it up you just put in the start up disc then it checks your computer to be sure you have the minimum requirements, if you do that it, click next and wait. After you have done the set up then you can add what ever subjects you want. I loved that you could choose if you use the disc or loaded the subjects onto your computer. If you are like me you have very little room on your computer.
Some of the benefits of Switched-On Schoolhouse are

Quick Installation
Automatic Grading - (which is one thing I REALLY love)
Daily Work Report
Revised Content
Text-to-Speech - (which is what my son is going to love)
Homepage Themes
Enriched Games
Automatic Curriculum Updates
Lesson Planning
Book Reports
and many many more. Go to Features to see more.

There is only one thing I could find that discourage me and that was the price. It is quite expensive and if you have multiple children in different grades you will end up breaking the bank.

Switched-On Schoolhouse is available in 3rd through 12th grade. Subjects include Bible, History & Geography, Math, Language Arts and Science plus lots of great electives to choose from. You can purchase the complete 5 subject curriculum or per subject.

So in my opinion Switched-on Schoolhouse gets 4.8 STARS.


In The Mailbox

I got lucky in the last few weeks and won a few giveaways. These were mostly for my husband but I did win too.

Its been a good week checking the mail, its like Christmas everyday.


My Hand in Jewelry Making

I have been trying out jewelry making lately. I mostly made earrings. I have debating on making some to sale. Here are some pictures of the ones I have made.

Lauren Nicole Wax Seal Sterling Silver Initial and Hand Stamped Name Tag Necklace

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Designer Inspired 10mm Sterling Silver Bead Necklace Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Extended Post (Part 2) for Wondering about Giveaways ATTN BLOGGERS

If you read my post about entering giveaways this is just a extension of that post.

When I first started entering giveaways in November 2010 the Rafflecopter (a way to enter giveaways) was not invented yet, so to enter you had to leave comments for each entry. This method was time consuming for both parties. When the Rafflecopter was invented it made it easier to enter and easier to keep up with entries. Rafflecopter has lots of great benefits, you can launch giveaways in minutes, pick a winner quickly, and checking for cheaters is easier.
But, there is one problem I have with Rafflecopter, they seem to think if someone enters from the same IP Address that is cheating. I don't think that is always the case. There can be many people living in a house with a router and limiting entries to per house is not fair. If someone has there own identity which means their own email, Twitter, and FB that is not cheating. I have read on Rafflecopter's page about people living in the same house but having totally different blogs, emails, and other accounts but do not have a different IP. What about people that enter on public computers? This is unlikely but it is possible. So just because you see the same IP DOES NOT mean the person is cheating. I think other things need to be considered.
I know for me personally we have a router with 5 computers, my husband sometimes likes to enter giveaways and he doesn't tell me what he enters just like I do not tell him every giveaway I enter so it might show up under the same IP but we are two totally different people with different accounts.
I have NEVER cheated on any giveaway because I do not want to be known as the cheater since I enter alot I do not want to to mess that up.

I would hope that if a blogger thinks someone is cheating due to the IP Address being the same they would actually ask the person entering or look at the entries and if they have their own email, Twitter and other accounts they take that in consideration. I have talked to some bloggers about this and some of them are ok with my husband and I entering the same giveaways but some are not. I don't know how I am suppose to know if they are ok with it or not.

Another issue with Rafflecopter is the Tweet per day entry. Most of them will not even allow it but every day but some will allow it more. My problem is without seeing the exact time I entered I don't know when I tweeted exactly. Plus I do not do it at exactly the same time each day. So I might tweet at 10am one day but the next day it might be at 5am so it would be like 18 hrs apart but on different day. Twitter is not going to allow you to tweet the same tweet more than once a day anyway. So I don't think that is cheating either.

As a person that enters ALOT of giveaways I can not keep up with everything so I rely on the rafflecopter to keep up with it for me which is a benefit as long as the blogger has set it up correctly. I would hate to think someone thought I cheated because I work really hard entering giveaways, I don't use a bunch of different names or emails and I try to follow the rules. If I do make a mistake or miss something I will contact the blogger and let them know. I believe the for the most part everyone does the right thing.

A word of advise to bloggers that post giveaways is don't assume someone is trying to cheat just because of what they see on Rafflecopter, someone will just end up with hurt feelings. Ask the person doing the entries or check into it a little first. Things are not always what the seem and you might not know the situation.

I would love to hear others opinion about this issue, both from bloggers that enter and bloggers that post giveaways.


Followers on Twitter

I started a Twitter account for my blog recently and because I do not have a well known blog I do not have alot of followers and I somehow got suspended due to spam. I know I have not been spamming. I post giveaways on my Twitter account just like I do on blog. I want to try to get more follower on Twitter and I do not know how to do that. I know people like me that enter giveaways could benefit from following me. They will be able to link to some great giveaways and blogs.

If anyone reads this and knows a way to get more followers I would love to know (a way that is according to Twitter rules).

If you do not follow me I would love it if you would.(I will follow you back) Just click the picture above to go to my twitter page.
Thank You.




Back to School Giveaway at Smart Apps for Kids

Smart Apps for Kids is giveaway a Gripcase for the Ipad. This is a protective bumpered case with handles. For more information and to enter go to the giveaway page.


Back to School Giveaway on Smart Apps for Kids

Smart Apps for Kids is having a giveaway for a Justand - The iPad stand designed to turn your iPad into a document camera. This would be great for any Ipad owner. If you would like to win this Ipad Stand go to the giveaway page.


Lilla Rose Clip Giveaway at A Nation of Moms (2 Winners)

A Nation of Moms blog is hosting a Lilla Rose Giveaway with 2 winners.

Sarah at Lilla Rose is offering a special for all NEW Lilla Rose Customers. If you purchase three items you will receive a FREE Flexi Clip (up to $16 in value). To redeem the prize, email Independent Consultant Sarah Ives with your Customer Number and the item number and description of the FREE item ($16 and under). The FREE item will be mailed within 2 weeks.

Back To School USB Drive Giveaway

USB Memory Direct is giving away a 2GB Flash Drive just for blogging about their giveaway. If you do not have a blog you can enter to win 1 of 100 just by being a fan on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

You can find 75 Creative Back-to-School Tips for Super Moms including 25 Lunch/Snack Ideas and 25 Homework Helpers on their website while entering to win. Instruction on how to enter please go to their giveaway page.


Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post however, by mentioning this promotion on my site, I am eligible to receive a free USB flashdrive from USB  Memory Direct. This giveaway is not hosted by Daily Woman Blog and if you have any questions please direct them to the company.

My Lilla Rose Review

About a month ago I discovered the answer for the Bad Hair Day. It was the Lilla Rose Hair Clip. You have probably noticed all the giveaways that I have shared on my blog all I can say is it was love at first site for me.

If you are a stay at home mom like I am you probably wear your hair up all the time especially in the summertime. I use to make a ponytail then use a claw clip to pin that pontail up. Since finding the Lilla Rose Clip I can wear a different hair style everyday of the week. Depending on the clip it can be casual or dressy.

These clips are different, comfortable and do not damage your hair from pulling. They have 7 different sizes to choose from and many many styles. You can watch the sizing video to determine your size according to your hair type. If you so happen to choose the wrong size Lilla Rose will glady exchange your clip for free within 90 days.  There is also a 1 year guarantee for defective items. Watch the Sizing Video below to see what size you need.

This is how long my hair is.
Half Up Bun

Messy Bun

Half Twist

Half Up

 For more pictures of great hair styles check out Lilla Rose Website.

Multi Color Mini Size Clip

Rich Multi Colored Small Clip

As you can see there are ALOT of styles you can do with these clips plus Lilla Rose has O-Rings, Hairbands, Hair Sticks, Bobby Pins, You Pins, Badge Holders and even Earrings. Since there are so many size clips even short hair styles work with these clips.

You can also host a party to get free stuff or become a consultant for extra income.

There are alot for wonderful consultants ready to help you get the right size and help you order what you want.

I hope to be able to get a combination of sizes and style for my wardrobe. I know you will love these as much as I do.

So in my opinion Lilla Rose gets 5 STARS.