Get Rid of them Yellow Armpits Stains (It REALLY works)

I ran across a solution for a long time problem, yellow or grey stains on the armpits of my (and the rest of my families) white shirts. I found this recipe that included a mixture of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda. I was very doubtful that this would work because I have tried many other things including pure bleach and nothing worked.

 I got my shirt out then mixed up 1 part Dawn to 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide with a little bit of Baking Soda to add a scrubbing agent.

I used a old toothbrush to scrub the mixture into the shirt.
As you can see in the pictures on the left the armpits had more of a grey color stain probably because they had been washed and washed and stains were left in there. I was wondering since the

 stains were kinda old if this would even work. So after scrubbing with the toothbrush I let it sit for about an hour then washed as usual.

And  TA DA.......

A White Armpit.

I found this great solution on the blog One Good Think by Jillee.


Vintage Style Rhinestone Stud Earrings by FloweryDeer Giveaway

Pink Dandy Chatter Blog has so many great giveaways and here is another one....

Vintage Style Stud Earrings from Flowery Deer.



New Blog Picture

I finally had time to set up, take and edit a new blog picture. What do you think?


I Love Pinterest

Since joining Pinterest I have learned how to do science experiments, cook all kinds of recipes, decorate anything and how to draw and paint. I signed up back when it was brand new and it wasn't well known. I was a little weary of it after reading about getting sued due to copyright laws but the way I look at it, if it is on Pinterest the author should not have a problem with sharing.

What exactly is Pinterest, it is a web based "bulletin board". What if 10 years ago you were able to cut out your favorite images from magazines and post them on a board, that is kinda what its like. I personally use it a kind of a bookmark site. If I find a really cool site or idea I pin it on my board so I can find it later.

 Last time I heard Pinterest had a waiting list for new members. You have to have a friend invite you if you want to have an account. I have no problem sending my readers a invite, just send me a email letting me know you need a invite.
I promise once you try it you will love it.


Wickedly Scented Candle Giveaway

Welcome to The Wickedly Scented Candle Giveaway

Check out our fabulous co-hosts, The Frugal Free Gal, Sister's Saving Cents, Pink Ninja Blogger, Simply Shawn & Jenn, and Moms Vacation Spots.

I am totally a candle lover but have not had the pleasure of trying these out yet. I know I would love them (they have jewelry in them) with all the wonderful scents they have, like October Spice, Monkey Farts, and Black Raspberry.
Wickedly Scented Candles brings you all natural soy candles with a twist. There's a prize in each candle. They have mixed it up a bit too! Rather than sticking to a particular piece of jewelry in each candles, they offer a variety of prizes. Not just different types of jewelry either, codes for FREE Candles, and other amazing prizes.

They use only the best natural soy wax, best ingredients to bring you the best candles possible. Each candle is packed with wicked scent and contain a wicked prize.

Enjoy two different sizes of candles, 21oz candles and 12oz candles. The 21oz candles contain prizes valued up to $6,500, and the 12oz candles contain prizes valued up to $399.

More about the codes:

Some codes are free candles, plus other prizes valued at $50 or less. Even if your code is an instant winner, your still going to have a chance at the BIG drawing. The big drawing is help once all codes are turned in, or time has run out.

What about their Candle of the Month?

Don't forget to check out their candle of the month. They offer special monthly candles, so they can bring more awesome special prizes. After the 300th candle is sold, guess what? Yes, they will draw a winner out of the special codes. Every candle will have a piece of jewelry or a limited code according to the size. Once all 300 candles have been sold, there will be a BRAND NEW candle of the month.

Jenn from Jenn's Blah Blah Blog was recently lucky enough to review one of these fabulous candles. You'll have a chance to view the review, and earn extra entries into this fabulous giveaway.


  • There is a total of 10 Winners 5 First Place Winners and 5 Second Place Winners! Their both awesome!
  • 5 Lucky people will win one 21 oz candle
  • 5 Lucky people will win one 12 oz candle
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter
  • Open to US residents only
  • Giveaway ends on October 23, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.
  • Use the Rafflecopter below to enter, remember to come back and take advantage of daily entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Daily Woman Blog is not responsible for shipping prize to winner, nor did I accept any form of payment to promote this giveaway. Sponsor is responsible for shipping the prize to the winner.


Beautiful Corn Husk Fall Wreath

My Mom and I decided to try our craftiness with corn husk wreaths. I had seen these online and thought they would be great for this time of year. We used real corn husk instead of the kind you can buy in the Mexican food department.
I thought it turned out beautiful.


Bath and Body Works New Candle and Fragrance Collection

Limited Time Sale 2 for $20. Fill your home with a touch of fall.

Save an Orangutan this Halloween

What do I mean by that?
This Halloween when you go out and buy your candy to give out be sure to read the labels. Pick candy companies that are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Orangutans are already critically endangered animals but we can help by just reading the labels on the things we buy. Don't you want your children to see a orangutan one day, well if they are extincted they will be unable to do that.

Watch this video below to find out why this is important and what you can do.

On Cheyenne Mountain Zoo you can learn all about this problem and find what palm tree oil is, orangutan facts and impacts on local people.

Use these list the next time you go shopping and save an orangutan

Palm Oil Friendly Halloween Candy Guide 2012:
Palm Oil Shopping Guide:

Fall is almost here.

I love Fall it is my favorite time of the year. I love the weather, the colors, and holidays that come with it.  I love to decorate stuff so it gives me a reason to do it (like Christmas) without looking weird.
These are some pictures I took while just playing around with my camera.


Twelve Days of Giveaways at IMums

IMum has Twelve Days of Giveaways event going on. I will of course be putting the best giveaways right here on my blog so you can take advantage of these great giveaways.

On the first Day of Giveaways, IMums gave to me to a Shell IPad Case by TRTL BOT.

 On the second Day of Giveaways, IMums gave to me Etymotic ETYKids ear buds.

 On the third Day of Giveaways, IMums gave to me IDAPT4 Universal Charger.

On the forth Day of Giveaways, IMums gave to me a iBalls Harness and Lid Cover 

On the fifth Day of Giveaways, IMums gave to me a Kawaii IPhone/ITouch Case

On the sixth Day of Giveaways IMums gave to me a Keylite Ultra Slim Touch Keyboard

On the seventh Day of Giveaways IMums gave to me a Lifedge Waterproof Ipad Case (Pink)

Stay Tuned for MORE>>>>

Harry Potter Complete DVD Collection Giveaway

Mommy Bear Media is all about good, clean movies for kids and families! They carefully examine all movies and TV shows and only sell the best family-friendly movies. They also specialize in Christian movies and the best new movies on DVD and Blu-ray. Mommy Bear Media has partnered with Mom Powered Media to bring one super lucky reader the complete 8 Film Harry Potter Collection on Bluray!

This amazing 8 disk set includes:

  • Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
  • Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secret
  • Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
  • Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part I
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

You can purchase the Complete Harry Potter Set on Bluray from Mommy Bear Media for 99.99. And you can win one right here! Mommy Bear Media has offered one super lucky reader their own set! Please make sure you read the Giveaway Rules before you enter! This giveaway is brought to you by Mommy Bear Media and Mom Powered Media. Daily Woman Blog is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.


Teach With Cartoons- Complete Science Curriculum Gr. 6-8 Review

Science is one of the hardest subjects to teach when you homeschool in my opinion unless you are some type of science major. When trying to remember all the huge science words like xenon, zymurgy and cryogenics I have a hard time so how am I going to teach this to my child. Then if you child is not thrilled about trying to read all them huge words you run into difficult school days. Then of course like most homeschool moms I have about 20 different things to do during the day and sitting down to "plan" a lesson is difficult to say to least.

I think I have found a solution to both of these problems, its Teach With Cartoons- Science Made Easy from Natural Learning Concepts Inc. A product that learn all the necessary skills while having fun. It uses comic strip type material instead of regular text and picture. Each chapter is written in a comic with four (cool and funny) main characters and a science teacher that introduces and teaches about a subject. It is going to catch your child's interest and keep it.
I purchased this curriculum because my youngest son has autism and is a visual learner and my oldest is very into comics. My oldest son started the program this year and enjoys finding out what Dan is going to get into each week. I have been totally impressed with the content so far, it has kept up with our science curriculum goals and seems to cover the material thoroughly.
Best of all it takes little to no planning for the teacher. (that's gets a A in my book for sure)

Learn more about Teach With Cartoons-Science Made Easy.....

The best thing about this curriculum is you get 3 years worth of science curriculum so you don't have to buy something new each year. It also comes with a FREE subscription to Worksheets and Quizzes for each chapter. I do have to admit that navigating through the worksheets and quizzes was kinda confusing at first. I had a hard time getting on the online quiz but with the great customer service we were able to figure it out quickly. I have found that some of the worksheets do not have answers (or at least I could not find them), I have to have answers since I do not have time to go and look up the answers. I have understood that there is a plan for other online activities that will go with the Science Made Easy program which I think will be great. 

  • Introduction to Science
  • Life Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Meteorology
  • Environmental Science
If you think this curriculum is right for your child you can download a free trial in which you would have full access to everything or if you are convinced this is a wonderful program you can order yours HERE.
I am confident that you and your child will enjoy this program as much as I do. 


Visual Attention TherAppy App by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd. Review

Information from Tactus Therapy Ltd. Website about Visual  Attention TherAppy App

The Basics:

Platforms: iPad only
Goal Areas: Visual Scanning, Reading, Visual Attention, Sustained Attention, Memory
Helps: Left Neglect, Hemianopsia, Unilateral Inattention, Right Neglect, Dyslexia, Slow Readers, Brain Injury, Stroke, Pre-reading students
Languages: English
Version: 1.0
Price: $9.99 (Free trial)


  • 2 modes:
    • Test Mode
    • Practice (left signal, no signal, and right signal)
  • 10 different activities for finding targets of increasing difficulty consisting of combinations of letter and symbols of varying similarity
  • Search for 1 target or 2 targets at a time to adjust memory demands
  • Results offered in e-mail format for data tracking and progress notes
  • Customize the size and number of stimuli with 12 preset options
  • For Left/Right training, select red, yellow, or flashing to draw attention to the neglected side of space
  • Perfect for SLPs, OTs, Reading Specialists, and Special Education Teachers for use in clinics, hospitals, classrooms, and home
  • Once the settings are determined, easy to use for home practice with family or independently


I tried this app with my youngest son who is 8. We did the Practice Mode and found it sort of addicting. After he done it one time he was determined to get a better score each time. It took him a few times to figure out you had to go Left to Right but that took only a few minutes.

I have read about visual therapy and how is helpful and why. This is what I have found.

The vision skills we need to understand, analyze, and interpret what we see are called visual perception.

Visual Discrimination lets us see differences between objects that are similar. 
Visual Memory is another important perceptual skill.
Good tracking skills allow us to follow a line of print without losing our place.

I think these skills can be very useful for both kids and adults and Tactus Therapy has created a way to enhance these skills in a fun and productive way. 

Visual Attention TherAppy Lite
Visual Attention TherAppy LiteTry it out with Visual Attention TherAppy Lite! The free trial of this professional therapy app allows you access to 1 level in both Test and Practice modes for 1 or 2 targets. Try out the various attention-grabbing signals and e-mail results! Download for FREE!

All Tactus Therapy Solutions apps participate in the Volume Purchase Program of 50% off for educational purchases of 20 copies or more. Get this powerful app in each special needs classroom, each therapy room, or for each grad student for half price!

Shopping Day

Harris Teeter Double Coupon Event. All this for $34.14. I thought this was pretty good since the PediCare is usually $10 each.

Target Sale, Two bottles Downy Unstoppables for $3.33. Used 2 P&G  $2 off coupons and 2 Target $.50 coupons.


Another Free Blogger Event for Wickedly Scented Candles

If you have a blog here is a chance to be involved in a great giveaway, if you do not mark your calendars so you can get your entries in to win one of 10 candles.

Jenn's Blah Blah Blog
and soon to launch Pink Ninja Media, bring you another FREE Blogger Opportunity! The sponsor of this wonderful event will be Wickedly Scented Candle Company! Wickedly Scented Candles Company is offer our readers a chance to win an awesome prize! 10 Candles, means 10 Winners!

Wickedly Scented Candle Company offers wicked scents with a super prize valued at $10 up to $6,500! Don't you think your reader will love a chance at this fabulous prize! So what's in the candles, I know you're just waiting to find out more! When you burn their candles you'll find different prizes such as: jewelry, or a special code according to the size of the candle. Monthly special candles will also have an extra prize that you're going to have a chance at willing according to the size of the candle. They offer different sizes of candles as well!

So what's in it for you?
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Details about giveaway:
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Join us and help, Jenn's Blah Blah Blog and Pink Ninja Media introduce Wickedly Scented Candle Company to our readers the right way! With a fabulous giveaway, offering 10 winners and plenty of chances to win.

Where do I sign up?
I sure hope to see you there!

Wickedly Scented Candle Company GIVEAWAY Event

Welcome to the Wickedly Scented Candle Company Event
Hosted by Tatum's Family Reviews & Trendy Mom Reviews!
This is one Event you don't want to miss



I finally got a Facebook Page for my blog. I can now post all the great giveaways I find on Facebook. If you like my blog I would love you to LIKE me on Facebook. You can do that with the button below OR the follow button on the Left Hand side.

Thanks so much for supporting my blog.

Deny Designs Home Accessories

DENY Designs Home Accessories is a think about of the box design company. Every item is custom made when ordered. Find out more about who DENY Design is on their Who We Are page.

Some of the items are Bling Boxes, Clocks, Duvet Covers, Shower Curtains and Wall Art. You can also Create your own Design. One of my favorite items is the BlingBoxes.

Your purchase helps support artists from around the world.
Check out all the cool designs I am sure you will find it hard to pick just one like I did.

Weekend Blog Hop Till You Drop

Weekend Blog Hop

The Ultimate Grip Uglee Pen by Dr James Lee Review

I was lucky enough to win a set of 3 Uglee Pens in a giveaway. I had never even seen these pens in a store so I was super excited to get these. I do wish I had been able to get more than one color, I was only sent grey with blue ink.

My husband has a serious pen addiction. He collects all kind of pens and doesn't even use them. He just collects them and puts them in a bucket. I knew he would be the one to give a review of these pens.

 My husband main complaint about the Uglee Pen was the rubber on the outside. Since he uses pens at work most of the time he needs to be able to put the pen in his shirt pocket. The rubber on the pen caused it not to slide into his pocket easily. The grip was a little "sticky" also.
Writing was smooth and complete. It was very comfortable in your hand. Very Light Weight. Overall these are really great pens. If you have carpel tunnels or arthritis I think you would really be happy with this pen design.

If you want to read more about or to order the Uglee Pens check out the website. They are available in 7 colors and 3 different color inks.


Rosetta Stone Reveiw

Learning a new language is very intimidating so teaching it was down right scary. As a homeschool mom I try to make sure my kids have every opportunity possible. I debated about buying the Rosetta Stone program for over a year and when they finally had a big sale I decided to take the plunge.

I went ahead and purchased the Homeschool Edition because it has extra features I was interested in. The Homeschool Edition has Parent Administrative Tools that let you track your student's progress with just a few mouse clicks. You can also pick different curriculum paths for each student.

So far my oldest son has completed about half of the first level. He really enjoys using the microphone and learning new words. Since Rosetta Stone claims their program is basically like teaching everyone like they learn like a child, the idea that words become phrases, then full sentences. Ideas and concepts begin to replace simple objects and actions. New vocabulary and structures are integrated into what you have already learned. Through pattern recognition, more and more of the language is understandable. Slowly, but surely, you develop a foundation in your new language. This process seems to work well for my son but for me I am not so sure, I guess that is yet to be seen.

Not Enough Translations 
I know this is supposed to be an 'immersion' experience, but a lot of people have complained about the lack of an English translation. This is a deal-breaker for many people. Would it be so difficult to just have a little button on the side to provide the translation for people who wanted it? It would make so many people happy.

Over Priced
Honestly I think this is a great program especially for kids but at $400 for the whole curriculum you better be sure that it will work for your child. There is one very good thing about Rosetta Stone, it has a 6 month money back guarantee. So if you try it for 3 months and it just isn't working out you have that option. They also have a TRY IT FREE demo which I highly recommend before you purchase.

Overall so far I recommend Rosetta Stone Homeschool for kids but not so much for adults. I will periodically add more to this review as my son get more into the program and we learn more about it.


Art Therapy as an Approach to Sensory Integration

Art Therapy as an Approach to Sensory Integration

Special-ism posted a great article about Art Therapy and using it in a creative way to gain a sense of self-control and grow in self expression and self awareness.

LoveSac Chaise Sectional Giveaway {$3260 Value}

Welcome to the Sactionals Sectional Furniture Giveaway!

Sponsored by LoveSac.com

There are only 2 pieces. Combine any quantity of Sactionals "Bases" and "Sides" to arrange (and rearrange) any chair, sofa, sectional, loveseat, or bed you can imagine - no tools necessary. Sactionals Covers are removable and can be changed at any time, so you’ll never be stuck with furniture that doesn't match if you decide to change your home d├ęcor. Sactionals Covers are also machine washable, so when the kids spill their food and drink all over the furniture or the dog uses your Sactionals to wipe his feet off, just take the covers off and throw them in the washing machine!

Four Cushion Chaise Sectional with Chocolate Rhinoplush Covers

Sactionals Four Cushion Chaise Sectional with Chocolate Rhinoplush Covers ($3,260 Value)

  • 4 Sactionals Base Pieces, 5 Sactionals Side Pieces
  • Machine Washable, Changeable Chocolate Rhinoplush Covers
  • Easy to Change Covers Anytime!
  • Easy to Rearrange Into Dozens of Positions
  • Most Versatile Number of Pieces
  • Fast and 100% Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Guarantee!

Four Sactionals Bases and five Sactionals Sides make a Four Cushion Chaise Sectional. A Four Cushion Chaise Sectional is not only the world’s most popular sectional furniture setup, but one of the smartest ways to buy your first Sactionals as well. Just nine pieces offer you eight everyday furniture solutions to real life dilemmas. In minutes and with no tools, you can turn this TV-room sectional into a Movie Lounger for a cozy family movie night, a bed for unexpected house guests, a Long Sofa with Ottoman for more formal entertaining, an L-shaped sofa for maximum seating capacity, four individual chairs for game night or two loveseats for couples entertaining.

Four Cushion Chaise Sectional with Seawater Rhinoplush Covers Four Cushion Chaise Sectional with Taupe Rhinoplush Covers

LoveSac Sactionals Four Cushion Chaise is great for small spaces and best of all they you can wash the covers so no worry about spills. Plus since you can remove the covers you can replace them if you need to change your colors. They are easy to move and will fit into any floor plan. One bad thing about having a giveaway is I am not allowed to enter, I would love to have this prize, however I am happy to offer you this opportunity. I am sure you will absolutely fall in love with your LoveSac.

LoveSac also has Sacs, Blankets, Pillows, Slippers and even T-shirts.  

 One lucky winner will receive a Sactionals Four Cushion Chaise Sectional {$3,260 Value}!

Choice of Chocolate Rhinoplush, Taupe or Seawater Covers.
Giveaway ends October 1st at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: In the event of a winner outside of the lower 48 US states is selected {Alaska, Hawaii or Canada}, the winner is subject to paying the shipping and handling fees associated with this prize by the sponsor. I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Daily Woman Blog is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

Secret Garden Playhouse Event is hosted by Mom to Bed by 8.

Prize: Little Tikes Secret Garden Playhouse
The event dates: 10/1 - 10/22
Free Event ~ Sign-Up Here – Bloggers Wanted Secret Garden Playhouse Event