HP TouchSmart 310 Giveaway on Dear Crissy

Dear Crissy is giving away an HP TouchSmart 310 and if you are like me you could use a new modern computer. We are a homeschool family so we use our computer for some very important things, I would love to have a computer just for school stuff. My son uses a computer software program for his main curriculum so if he is in the middle of his work my other son has to wait.
I think the computer is one of the most used entertainment in our house and it would be great if we could all have our own but hey that is just MY DREAM.

If you would like a chance to win too go to Dear Crissy Blog and enter. You can also use the button on my right sidebar.


Field Trip to Museum of Natural Science in North Carolina

The Musuem of Natural Science in Raleigh NC has a special exhibit called Animal Grossology and after reading about it I decided that my boys would probably be very interested in blood, poop, vomit and slime. I will admit I was interested too.

It was a very good exhibit which included the Blood Slurpers, Dookie Lovers, Slime Makers and Vomit Munchers. They had a exhibit that showed the digestion of a cow which explains the various steps of "ruminant" digestion and why cows have 4 stomachs.

One of my sons favorites was the "King of Slime" which was kinda like a game show that you got to vote for the animal with the most slime after they show you a short film about each one. He had to do this a couple of times.

It had been a long time since I had been to this museum and they have added alot of great things plus they have classes and workshops for kids of all ages. My kids really enjoyed going even though alot of things were "over their heads" it was very good exposure. Since it is free to go to the musuem I hope to use it during alot of our studies in the future.

My boys even got to be part of the museum, one dressed up like a dinosaur, and the other a chipmunk. (so cute)


General Mills Hot Wheels Giveaways Linky

I think my son is the Hot Wheels #1 Fan, I think he owns almost 200 cars. He plays with them everyday. What amazes me the most is that everytime we go to Walmart he has to go to the toys dept. and pick out another one and he KNOWS which ones he has or doesnt have.

I am hoping to win one of the General Mills Hot Wheel Giveaways so maybe I can skip a few trips to the toys.

If you would like a chance too here are the giveaways

MoBetta Blog ends 2/23

Release of "Waiting For Superman" on DVD

I have been waiting for this film to come out ever since I seen the trailer a while ago. Even though my kids are not in public schools that does not mean I am not interested in what is happening with them. I think this is probably a film every family with young child should consider watching even if they homeschool. I cant wait to get my hands on one.

For more information on this film check out their website WAITING FOR SUPERMAN

Look for it on DVD and BluRay.


Rosetta Stone Giveaway [Mommy Moment Blog}

What better way to learn a new language than Rosetta Stone. I have wanted to buy this program for a long time but just have not had the money to do it. This is a program made for people that are visual learners because not only do you hear the words you see pictures associated with them.

Now its my chance to win the Level 1 on Mommy Moments Blog . If you are interesting in learning a new language or helping your kids learn a new language I think this is one of the best programs out there. So head over for your chance.


Tassimo Giveaway

I have been trying hard to win one of the Tassimo Home Brewing Systems with no luck. I think I would love one of these since I drink coffee everyday and I love different flavors. An added bonus is you can also make Hot Chocolate and Tea, which I also like. I have entered a number of giveaways for one and yet here is another...

( if I find more I will add them also)

Piece of Me Blog TASSIMO GIVEAWAY ends 2/25
Buzzing the Day Away TASSIMO GIVEAWAY ends 2/21


My Four Monkeys: Reviews, giveaways, children's books & craft ideas!

A chance to win a Lifetime Membership to your choice of Click N Spell or Click N Read Phonics Program.

Just click the following link to go to My Four Monkeys Blog to enter.

My Four Monkeys: Reviews, giveaways, children's books & craft ideas!


Bath & Body Works Pocket Hand Sanitizer & 20% Coupon Codes Giveaway

Bath & Body Works is one of my favorite stores, I go there at least 1 time a month to buy Hand Soap and Lotion. During Christmas I purchased most of my gifts from there so I do not have to tell you how great their products are.

Luck for you I have stocked up on all my necessary items for a while and thought I would pass this great deal on to you.

Now for the GIVEAWAY.
One of my readers will receive 2 Coupon Codes for Bath & Body Works. One for a FREE Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer and One for 20% OFF your entire purchase. You will have a choice of using online (I will email you the online codes) or I will mail you the coupons to use at a store.
These both expire on February 27, 2011.

How to Enter: Make sure you leave an email to contact you if you win!

Mandatory Entry
(1) Visit Bath & Body Works and tell me something you will buy.

Extra Entries
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(1) PER DAY Share this giveaway using the Share button at the bottom of post (Twitter, Facebook etc) Please leave a link in comment.

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ENDS ON FEBRUARY 7th at 11:59 EST. This is a SHORT GIVEAWAY due to the expiration date on the coupons.
This is just a fun giveaway I wanted to do since I have a great coupon I dont need so ENJOY!