Day Before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving is filled with cooking, crafts, and storytime at Flat River Academy. First thing this morning I had to get started on my TOM Turkey Cupcakes. I found this recipe on the Family Fun website. Of course the kids like to help stir and mix then they cant forget to lick the bowl. They even helped decorate a little, but mostly just the ones they wanted to eat. Then I made a Orange Fluff Salad. I have never made this before and since it had Ritz Crackers under OJ and Cool Whip I just had to try it. We will find out tomorrow if its a hit.

The craft I decided on was also from Family Fun website, it was called Dinnertime. It called for a paper bag, paper lunch bags, paper towels, scrap paper, tape, scissors, a staple and a willing child. I thought this was fun, but I did not have to wear it. I told them they had to wear them to Grandma's house tomorrow. I bet they won't do it. Hey, they were fun to make and made a good picture to show them when they are older.

Storytime. We read one Thanksgiving book and then one that wasn't. The first one was "Thelonius Turkey Lives" by Lynn Rowe Reed and the other was "Mouse Was Mad" by Linda Urban. I think me and the boys really enjoyed the Mouse book plus it had a good lesson about how you look to others when you get mad. A lesson is always a plus when reading to my kids.

Mouse Was Mad @ Amazon

Thelonius Turkey Lives @ Amazon

I think now we are ready for Thanksgiving!!

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