Field Trip to Museum of Natural Science in North Carolina

The Musuem of Natural Science in Raleigh NC has a special exhibit called Animal Grossology and after reading about it I decided that my boys would probably be very interested in blood, poop, vomit and slime. I will admit I was interested too.

It was a very good exhibit which included the Blood Slurpers, Dookie Lovers, Slime Makers and Vomit Munchers. They had a exhibit that showed the digestion of a cow which explains the various steps of "ruminant" digestion and why cows have 4 stomachs.

One of my sons favorites was the "King of Slime" which was kinda like a game show that you got to vote for the animal with the most slime after they show you a short film about each one. He had to do this a couple of times.

It had been a long time since I had been to this museum and they have added alot of great things plus they have classes and workshops for kids of all ages. My kids really enjoyed going even though alot of things were "over their heads" it was very good exposure. Since it is free to go to the musuem I hope to use it during alot of our studies in the future.

My boys even got to be part of the museum, one dressed up like a dinosaur, and the other a chipmunk. (so cute)

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