1st Annual HEAR Geography Fair

Our homeschool group had their 1st Annual Geography Fair this year. I volunteered to make the arrangements AND of course help my son make his project. I believe now that may have been biting off more than I could chew.

My son decided to do the country of Brazil, mostly the Amazon Rainforest. The first picture here is of our project. We did a diorama of the rainforest, complete with snakes, frogs, lizards, birds, and monkeys. It was actually pretty simple to make and is a great visual. It seem to be a hit at the fair with the kids. We also had one of the Talking Macaw's that were popular a few years ago which made a great addition.

Our fair included about 14 families in all which countries including Japan, Egypt, Russia and India.
Overall I think the fair was a hit and the kids enjoyed showing off the hard work they did. Plus Shhhh but there was some learning going on.

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Martha (MM) said...

Looks like everyone did a great job!
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