What YOU should know about hair color that you stylist may fail to tell you!

I wanted to share my experience with one of the local hair salons, HairPlay. I feel like others need to know the risk of haircolor and hopefully I can keep someone from going through the same thing.
First off I felt terrible to even have to complain, I didnt want to do it but it was so bad I felt I needed to. I am sure most of you know how costly it can be to get your hair done and how nerve racking it can be wondering how it will turn out. I recently had hightlights put on my hair using the foil method. I was under the impression that I was at a professional business and could trust them with my hair. Well, after I got home and took a good look at my hair, my bangs were so brittle they just fell apart so now most of my bangs are about a quarter of an inch long and really frizzy looking. Thinking that a professional would acknowledge their mistake and take responsiblity, I went up there. Nope thats not what happened. They basically said that it was normal (this is NOT normal) to have breakage after coloring my hair plus since my hair is curly its more likely to be brittle after coloring (wasnt told any of this before coloring).They offered to cut me more bangs to help cover up the missing hair plus told me I needed to get some good conditioner. That is what I got for $80.00.  I thought for sure they would offer me half of my money back and free haircut to use at a later time, not excuses. I later talk to someone that graduated beauty school and she said that they left the bleach on too long. I called them back the next day to explain my feelings and had to stay on the phone 30 min. until she finally offered a free conditioner treatment. I told her I prefer the money so I can go somewhere else. She didnt want to do that but finally told me she would give me 30.00 and hung up on me, when I went to get the money I was met with "She doesnt want to talk to you" and the others ganging up on me, saying my hair looked fine. (of course that what they are going to say)
Now a week later and after cutting more bangs (which did not help) because mine broke off I believe I deserve all my money. My hair looks terrible and is breaking off like crazy even with conditioner. My only choice is to just wait years for it to grow out. I am looking into small claims court.
If I had known the risk I would never have done it and if I had known that they wouldnt stand by their work I would have never went there and I want others to be aware if you spend that kind of money be sure your salon is trustworthy. I believe the salon should have admitted they messed up (not made excuses), they should have refunded all my money with no problem and worked with me professionally. Hopefully my experience will save others from having to deal with years of damaged hair.

I know most of my readers are not local so there is no chance of you going to this place but I wanted to post the letter I will be posting in our local paper in hopes that others that plan on getting hair color to be sure you ask your stylist about these risk.
As each day goes by and I see more thinning spots I hope this will not happen to anyone else.

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