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As a homeschool family the end of one school year means thinking about next year. Every year the kids move up to the next grade the amount of supplies needed also increase. If you too are a homeschool family you understand what I mean. After the lower elementary grade where teaching the alphabet and numbers comes pretty cheap, the middle school can start to get scary. We have a special needs child also and we have to get certain material because of his style of learning.

We recently entered a photo contest at Lakeshore Learning Materials and we need as many people as we can find to help us. I am hoping to find others to help us spread the word. I know that are lots of homeschoolers, special needs families and moms out there that would be willing to help a family in need. I am hoping to gather some of these people together for my kids.
The contest is on Facebook so you do have to have a Facebook account to help but all you have to do is Click It to Help It.

Here how to help us..

Please share it after you like it, right now we need at least 300 likes to win, I hope we can do it.

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