Why don't you make the same choice I do?? [ARTICLE]

I really do not understand the hang up people have about homeschool, do they not see that it can be a very good thing for a child. I see children every day quitting school, doing drugs, getting pregnant and/or having more stress then some grown ups. (of course these things have always been around) Do they REALLY think this is better? Do they think when a child is not in school that they don't have friends or know how to live in the "real" world? Well I beg to differ because I think they know MORE about living in the real world because they experience the same things most do everyday. When you grow up is there any part of your life that you can say was like being in school? I can't, there has been no other experience in my life that I can say compares to being in school. I just hate it when people say things to my child like you need to go to public school because you need to learn to talk to people. Or you will make so many friends. Or you need be around more kids your age.
Well let me give you an answer for all of these...

For the one that he needs to learn to talk to people, well I can not answer for others but my kids talk to MANY people each day. So I would think that is better than just talking to a group that is the same age each and every day. Plus trust me when I say my oldest has no problem talking.
Now the one about making more friends, well I guess I can agree with that. When kids are in school they do have a big opportunity to make friends. Friends that are going to try to get them to drink, do drugs and have sex. (this is called peer pressure) Hopefully they do not fall victim to this.
And lastly, WHY do they need to be around kids their own age? They don't. What is the benefit of being around kids their own age? During my "real" life I am not around ONLY people my age, I am around people of EVERY age so if they need to learn about real life I think they could do that in homeschool.

I think basically people just need to learn that even if others do not make the same decision as they would, it is their choice to make and just accept it. If everyone did the same thing wouldn't this be a boring world, and what would we complain about.

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