Lumsing Ultrathin, Backlit Keyboard Review

When I get up in the mornings I make a pot of coffee (of course I can't functions if I don't) then I sit down with my paper and internet to check emails and Facebook.

Then since I am a blogger and love entering giveaways I use my computer and Ipads often throughout the day if not all day.  I use my Ipad when travel and having a keyboard is a must. If you have a Ipad you know that the pop up keyboard is not great for typing. I was lucky enough to receive a very nice Ultrathin, Backlit Keyboard for an Ipad from Lumsing. 
When I get up in the mornings is make a pot of coffee (of course I can't functions if I don't) then I sit down with my paper and internet. I have to check emails and Facebook.

The first thing I noticed about the keyboard was how light weight it was. I hate adding extra weight to my devices since I usually carry them in my pocketbook. I love the backlit feature, which is available in different colors.  I got the blue color one, some other colors are purple, red and green. The keyboard also acts as a cover for the Ipad 2/3/4. I attaches to the Ipad with a strong magnet on a hinge, so it opens up like a book. I use my Ipad Mini the most but I also have a Ipad 2. 
I didn't choose to use the keyboard as a cover so using it with the Mini was very functional. It was very easy comfortable to type on it and the keys were whisper quiet. It was very quick to connect to the bluetooth and stayed connected well.

The keyboard comes with a charging cord also. After using it for a couple of days the battery life for the keyboard seems to be very good. It will go to sleep after about 15 minutes of non use to help save the battery life. If you use the backlit feature which you can turn on with a button it tends to use up a little more of your battery life. You can get a good 4 hours of uninterrupted work time easily. 

While even though this keyboard was compatible with the Ipad 2/3/4 using it with my Mini was no problem for me. I just sit the Mini up with it cases right in front of the keyboard and typed away. It was has it was meant to fit there. I also tried it with my Ipad 2 and have no complaints. It sits securely in the notch with no worries. It comes with a full one year warranty which is always good but I don't expect to have to use it.

I give the Lumsing Ultrathin, Backlit Keyboard 5 stars. 

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