Hewlett Packard HP EcoFFICIENT Paper on Shoplet.com {Review}

I have this secret obsession, it is office supplies. I love going to office supply stores or looking online at the all the neat office stuff. Even though I do not work in an office exactly, I am a homeschool mom so office supplies are a must. I am also a couponer so I print out lots of coupons.
Being a homeschooler means LOTS of print outs and worksheets which means LOTS of filing and storing. Recently I received a trial pack for Hewlett Packard EcoFFICIENT printer paper to try out from Shoplet.com. One of the differences in this paper is it has a lighter weight then most other printer paper. To be honest I always seen paper as just paper but after getting the hp EcoFFICIENT paper and taking a really good look at it I don't think like that anymore. I really like the light weight because of the storage benefit. I keep all the worksheets and print outs that my boys do so I have boxes of worksheets and print outs stored away. Another benefit to light weight paper is cheaper postage if you are mailing something you printed out on it.
The print quality is very nice on the hp EcoFFICIENT paper. The brightness level is 92 which is much higher than what I am use to. In case you do not understand what that brightness number means it is basically just a way of measuring the whiteness of the paper, a scale from 1 to 100 with 100 being the brightest. The brighter the paper the brighter the colors are going to be that you print on your paper.
When I print out coupons I like them to be clear and able to scan at the store. I printed out some on the hp EcoFFICIENT paper and they came out super.
I found that I can also get more sheets in my printer with the hp EcoFFICIENT paper than I could with my regular paper. This was a great benefit cause it meant less time filling up the printer with paper.
Once you try EcoFFICIENT paper you will never think of printer paper as just printer paper.

For more information or to purchase- Shoplet.com

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