All Pens/Pencils Are Not Created Equal Review

I was able to review a few different Pentel products that are available on Shoplet.com.  As a homeschooler we are always in need of great writing utensils. I also love to collect different pens and pencils, not necessarily because I need them but I just like to collect them. 

One of the items was an 8 pack of Pentel Vicuna Retractable Ballpoint Pens.  These come with 8 vivid, deep gel ink colors.  I totally love these.  They are comfortable to write with and write smoothly.  They are even refillable, which makes them a great investment. 

The next item was the Pentel EnerGel-Alloy RT Rollerball Pen.  (Point size .7mm Medium, Black Ink) This was my favorite,  it has a exquisite design with a professional look.  It also writes wonderfully and super smooth with the best quality gel ink. The comfortable textured grip makes controlling it a ease.  The only con to this pen is it is a little on the expensive side at about $11 each but I will say it is worth the money because it is the only pen you will need to buy since it is refillable. The alloy barrels are available in 6 colors.

Lastly was the Pentel Twist Erase Mechanical Pencil.  I told my son to try this pencil while doing his school work since he likes mechanical pencils. One of the complaint he has with other mechanical pencils is the lead is always breaking, that was one issue he didn't experience with this beauty. I love the twist up eraser since one issue I have found with mechanical pencils is the eraser gives out and then what use is it to have a refillable pencil with no eraser.  You can refill the lead and the eraser as needed.  The erasers are great too, they do not smudge or tear your paper. 

You can find all these items and many more great office supplies at Shoplet.com. 

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