Schneider Pen Review

I received  a few  different Schneider Pens to try out from Shoplet.com and since we love to "collect" pens at our house I totally loved reviewing them.  We  have always been a collector of different type pens so when I received these I had to try each one out. (my husband picked out his favorite also) Here are the pens I received....

Slider Memo XB 1.4 mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen 4 Pack Colors -  I love colored ink pens and these do not disappoint. They are comfortable with rubberized grips. The ink dries quickly and doesn't  wipe  off or smear.

Slider Rave 1.4 mm Viscoglide Retractalbe Ballpoint Pen -  This one is for those that love the retractable pen. It writes smoothly and doesn't smear even when you use a highlighter.  These are refillable also.

Slider Basic XB 1.4nn Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen-  The Basic XB  is  comfortable to write with  and  has the rubberized grip like most to Schneider pens so your hand doesn't get as tired while writing. Comes with black ink that is waterproof and doesn't smudge.

Schneider Xpress .8mm Porous Point Pen - Fine Point - I really liked this one and it was also my husband's pick. I like the fine point. It is great for doing those jobs that need fine lines.  The ink dries really fast.

Slider Edge 1.4mm  Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen- This triangle shaped pen was super comfortable to write with. I was able to write with it for long periods without my hand cramping up. One small little thing is if you put it down on the desk, it stays there and will not roll off the desk.

Slider Memo XB 1.4mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen Red-  This one is just like the  4 Pack of Color  Ink Pens I received just in red ink. It has the rubberized grip and the quick drying ink. It is non-refillable. I used this one to grade papers.

I enjoyed each and every one of these pens, there were a couple a preferred over others but overall they all are made with high quality materials for long time writing.

I want to say a little about the company that makes Schneider Pens.... Stride,Inc. is a family owned, women owned business out of New Mexico.  They have a integrated workforce with 50% of their colleagues being adults with intellectual and developmental delays. 
If you are interested in reading more about them and their employees check out their website and Facebook page (Stride Inc.). 

Shop at Shoplet.com for these great pens and other supplies.

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