EcoStatic Inc. Whiteboard Sheets from Shoplet.com Review

  and I absolutely love them.  I am a homeschooler so I use a whiteboard alot to teach with 
and for the kids to work on but these sheets are great because I could put them up anywhere. 

It states on the Shoplet.com website that they work with no glue by adhering to a magnetic whiteboard but I had no issue putting them straight on my wall. This is useful because I could use them in any room in the house or even take them to our co-op classes if needed. 
You use these sheets just like a whiteboard, they are rewritable, reusable and 100% recyclable.

The SlickyNotes came in two sizes, and four colors (green, purple, orange, yellow). The large size is 4x8 and the small size 3.94x2.91. The colored size is for permanent writing and the white side can be used like a whiteboard. These will stick to any smooth surface for multiple uses. 

I tried my sheets out by using during our math lesson and the kids were like "Moma why are you writing on the wall?" 
The writing erased just as easily as on a whiteboard as long as you erase on the same day. You can also use the dry erase cleaner if needed. 
I can not say enough how much I really love these. They would also be great to use for schedules, calendars, list, notes and so much more.

Shop at Shoplet.com for EcoStatic Products and other supplies.

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