eLuxurySupply Soap Review

I absolutely love handmade organic soaps. I don't chose handmade soaps because they are organic or anything, I chose them because I usually love the scent of almost all of them.  I was so happy to see eLuxurySupply started carrying soaps and other body products. 

I picked the Nutmeg Cinnamon Vanilla. This is a beer soap which is the "in" thing this year.  It has a great sweet cinnamon scent with a touch of vanilla. It actually smells so good you might be tempted to eat it. (but don't do this, might not taste as good as it smells).

I also picked the Apple Mango Bar, a pink kaolin clay soap.  This one was a pretty pink with what look like glitter mixed in. It had a nice clean fruity smell.

I got a Triple Clay Face Bar also which is actually created with men in mind but I already use a face wash with activated charcoal so I figured I would like it. I tend to have some break outs on my face so I prefer something that cleans well without drying out my skin. The site states it helps reduce acne so I wanted to give it a try. It lathers up great and leaves my face feeling clean. 

Oat Bar was also one of my choices.  I liked the light clean smell of this one. This one is not available at this time on the site but I sure hope it is in the future. 

Even though I thought the price was a little high at $10 a bar you do have to realize that is about the average price of any good organic soap. The thing to remember is as long as it is a great product  and smells great  it will be worth the price. I would recommend any of these soaps to anyone that  loves using organic products. You can get them cheaper if you buy in groups of 3 or 5. You can pick up some of these on eLuxurySupply today.

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