Zim's USA are products that are formulated with naturally-based herbal ingredients for pain relief, lip care, elder care, skin care and first aid. These products can be found in most major retail stores in North America. You can find more information about them on Zim's USA website

I had the opportunity to try Zim's Max-Arnica & Zim's Crack Creme for Diabetics. 

Zim's Max-Arnica Homeopathic Roll-On is for temporary help with minor bruises and strains associated with injuries, muscle soreness and joint pain. It is made with 100% all-natural ingredients which I like. It is a combination of the Arnica Montana which is a flowering plant used for pain relief and soothing aloe. It comes in an easy to apply roll-on bottle so it is not messy. I tend to have lower back pain so I tried it for that and it does work great for fast relief. The only thing I didn't like about it was the scent. It has sort of a minty smell, it kind of reminds of other products for muscle aches & pains. This is just my personal preference because I tend not to like those scents but of course some people don't mind or like them. The scent is not bad enough to deter me from using it because it is a natural product and I will pick them over ones that aren't natural as long as they work.
Summer time is a busy time so this product will be a great relief for those sore muscles from keeping up with the kids all day. 

The Zim's Crack Creme for Diabetes was used by my husband who has diabetes. This herbal formula is specially made for those with diabetic needs. It is great for feet, which is what my husband used it for. It soothes, moisturizes, protects and promotes healthy skin. Diabetic tend to have dry feet and have to be careful what they do to relieve this. My husband said that is worked great but like the Max-Arnica Roll-On it has that same scent. What he did was he put it on about an hour before he showered so then he could get the benefits without having a strong smell. This idea worked great for him. If you like the scent you could just apply it before bed. 

I would recommend both of these products or any of the other Zim's USA natural products available. 
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