Artistic Desktop Organizer from Shoplet {REVIEW}

I like to think of myself as organized but let's face it, sometimes that just isn't the case. My desk is usually a catch all for everything. There will be notes everywhere, important phone numbers jotted down on post its and anything in between. I will admit before getting the Artistic Desktop Organizer  from Shoplet.com I used a piece of plexiglass. This worked BUT it has been used for a while and was dull so you couldn't read the notes through the glass, it had developed sharp edges that weren't comfortable to the forearms so needless to say I needed a new option. 

After installing the Artistic Desktop Organizer I put a few notes under the non-glare clear overlay which keeps them in view. It has a kind of a cushion writing surface which was nice. It measures 24"x19" and was the perfect size for my desk. It has a handy ruler and protractor in top right corner which I liked a lot. I think this will help me keep my desktop more organized in the future for sure and bye bye to the plexiglass.

I received a Artistic Desktop Organizer from Shoplet.com to check out in return for my honest review.

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