Shoplet.com House of Doolittle {REVIEW}

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to get more organized and the House of Doolittle can help me do that. I received two items for Shoplet,com to check out. One was a cute Doodle Notebook and the other was a Meeting Planner. Both of these are part of House of Doolittle's environmentally responsible collection.
The Doodle Notebook is great for taking notes, writing list or just doodling (my favorite). I really loved this cute little hard cover spiral notebook. Since it is a spiral it is foldable which is one of my favorite features. It even has some pages in the back just to doodle and color on. 

The 110- page House of Doolittle Meeting Planner is perfect for all your meeting information. It has space for Topic, Meeting Attendees, Date, Notes and Action Items. I love that it has a 12-month calendar at the bottom of each page to reference when scheduling a meeting. It has a hard cover and is spiral. 

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