Find you Inner Artist with Pentel Sign Pen Brush Set from Shoplet.com {REVIEW}

I love to do art but I am far from a artist. I like to do different things like painting, drawing and other crafts. Shoplet.com sent me these Pentel Sign Pen Brush Set along with a Pentel Aquash Water Brush to try out. The Pen Set came with the following colors Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray, Pink, Sky Blue, Violet and Light Brown. 
I love the way watercolor painting looks and I was excited to see how this turned out. I didn't use watercolor paper because I didn't have any so I had to use regular printer paper. 

I printed out a picture I wanted to paint from the internet. The pens had great vibrant colors and the Aquash Water Brush was excellent to make the dark spots light and for blending colors. 
I like that the Brush Pens can use the package as a holder which makes it easy to switch colors during projects. The tips of the pens were soft and flexible but had a detailed tip depending on pressure you used. These would be great for other projects such as calligraphy, feathering or detailed work. 

Bring out your inner artist. Get you own Pentel Sign Pen Brush Set Here

This is my finished project, which I thought turned out pretty good. If I had used watercolor paper I think it would have been even better. 

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