Autism Awareness DVD "Loving Lamppost"

Loving Lampposts Trailer from Loving Lampposts on Vimeo.

If you know someone that needs to learn about Autism share this DVD with them.

I posted this video a few weeks ago and I think it looks like a great video, now on Acting Balanced Blog Autism Awareness Month Event there is a giveaway for this video.
I wanted to post about the giveaway so as one you can have a chance to win one and two so I can have a better chance to win one.
The link to the one of the giveaways Loving Lamppost DVD giveaway

I also found another great blog having a giveaway for this DVD.
Modern Mom redefined Blog, here is the link to that giveaway
Loving Lamppost giveaway Modern Mom

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Modern Mom Redefined ((Kelsi)) said...

what a beautiful video! i hope you don't mind me copying it for my blog. my son and i both enjoyed it! =) looking forward to reading more of your blog!!