I Have A Dream...

I have a dream that one day people will understand and accept. I have a dream that one day someone will find a treatment. I have a dream that one day people will think about the future of our children. I have a dream that one day a cause will be found so we can prevent.

What I am talking about you ask... Autism. I do not think I ask for much. I simply do not understand how we could have 1 in 90 boys diagnosed with autism and people not think there is a big problem here.

I remember not so long ago when there was an outbread of the flu, the number were not even close to what they are with autism yet the government, doctors, and CDC were says we had an epidemic. Are we not thinking that these children are our future, our leaders, the ones that will be taking care of US when we are older. If we are not doing everything we can for them now we are just setting ourselves up to fail.
It is a terrible thing when you have doctor telling you that this treatment or that treatment will help but then when you start getting the treatment you cant pay for it. The insurance company that YOU PAY for says they only pay for a certain amount EVEN though the doctor says it could help. I thought when the so called Health Reform Act passed that insurance companies could not limit you on visit to certain therapy but either the insurance company did not get that memo or it was a bunch of bull to get us to believe this was something that would help us. If a doctor tells you something will help and is medically necessary then the insurance should cover it.

So my dream is that my son will not have to struggle with people that dont "get It" or insurance companies that dont care. My dream is that he will grow up and be who he is intended to be. My dream is that our government will see this disorder for what it is, something that could be prevented if they stop trying to prove who's at fault (or not at fault) and just focus of how to treat it. Make treatment available to EVERYONE.

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S. Parker said...

I hope that your dream will be answered. I have a student with severe/moderate autism. He has taught me so much about love, patience, understanding and respect.