Its just a Blanket..

My son has been seeing a Occupational Therapist for over a year now and she has done so much to help him with his fine motor skills, sensory issues and coordination. The therapist suggested that we get him a weighted blanket to help him with sleeping and if he just needed some calming.
I did my research on weighted blankets and found out that they are crazy expensive. The one that we wanted was over 200.00.
So then I decided to try and see if the insurance company would help pay for it, it was a medically necessary to help him with the sensory issues he has. If they will pay for crutches for someone with a broken leg or a walker for someone who can no longer walk alone so what is the difference. I personally dont know.

Needless to say after the OT sent all the necessary paperwork I did not hear back from them so I called and they said they had not received anything. So after alot of back and forth I found that because the OT put a certain code on the cover sheet when faxing they did not even look at it.
So the insurance had to go through the review again.

After another month or so I get a letter that denied coverage for the blanket. Of course it did not give a concrete reason on WHY just that they will not cover it. I guess along with all the other savings (lol) I have now I need a blanket savings.

I would think if it was an item that helped the symptoms that cause my sons issues and we pay our premiums they should help cover the cost.
I was thinking of fighting it but I already have to fight for every therapy he already gets and sometimes I just get tired.
Anyway its just a blanket not brain surgery.

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