Movie Review- Disney Car 2

Like all other families this summer we have been waiting for Cars 2 to come out. We went to see it last weekend at the drive in. My youngest LOVES anything with wheels and I figured he would enjoy this movie as much as the first one. Not so much.

Don't get me wrong it was a "good" movie but like all the other cartoons that have been coming out lately the storyline just does not fit the target group. As an adult I understand when I watch a kids movie that it is just that. I don't expect it to be little "adult saying" in the movie. I have watched so many movies lately that frankly tick me off due to the little adult things they seem to think they need in the movie.

Cars 2 was an ok movie but not as good as the first one which had a great story line and lesson. The story line in Cars 2 was a little to much for the target group. It was about secret spies and an oil politics plot. My youngest just did not understand the oil politics. I also did not like the shooting and exploding of the characters.
The characters from the first aside from Mater and Lightning McQueen really did not have a big part in the second movie which makes me sad because that is usually what make the second movie good is bring back the character from the first one.
On a positive note the races in the Cars 2 were very entertaining and my kids loved them. There were more races in this one and they were exciting to watch.
I can not say do not go see this one but don't expect it to be as good as the first Cars.

This review is totally my opinion of the movie and does not intend to replace your own opinion.

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