New Age Mama Back To School Giveaways

New Age Mama Blog has some great giveaways for back to school. I have already posted a couple and decided since there are so many I will post them all in one place so you can enter easily. It is a few from Educational Insights, which is a great website with great learning resources.
I will be adding some more to this post as needed.

Paper Scissors Rock Clock giveaway ends 7/15
Paper Scissors Rock Website

Navoh Bag Giveaway ends 7/19
Navoh Website

That's It Fruit Bars Giveaway ends 7/26
That's It Fruit Website

LS Jewelry Giveaway ends 7/29
LS Jewelry Website

Educational Insights Batter Up!! game ends 8/1

Ring the Bell Goal Tracker ends 8/2

Kabam! Card game ends 8/2

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