Educational Insights Magnetic Metric Staircase Review

I recently won a Magnetic Metric Staircase from Educational Insights on a blog giveaway and I just wanted to share my experience with it.

We hung it up on the fridge since that was the only metal thing in the house that was big enough. It came with a instruction sheet with activities. The instructions were very helpful in getting started. It basically tells you exactly what to say to your students.
It did take my husband and I a little bit to catch on to the best way to explain it
to the boys, but once we did it was very simple.
It also comes with a small cat magnet and a shoe magnet. You are suppose to put the cat on a step then put the shoe on the step that you want to convert to. For example in the picture below the cat is on hectometer and the shoe on meter so the problem is
_____hectometers = ______meters
I explained it to the boys like this ..
Count the number of steps it takes the cat to get to the shoe.
Then move the decimal place that many places right if you are going down and left if you are going up.
Ex. 567cm=____m
You will be going up 2 steps for this problem so you move the decimal 2 place to the left.

See how easy that was. I totally recommend this product if your child is having problems grasping the metric system.

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