I Have A Black Belt in Bad Luck.

I normally am a postive thinker, I always try to look on the bright side of the situation. I am always getting on my husband for being the negative thinker. I have always noticed that when bad things happen they come in clusters (see post in March about Disney Trip) well this past week has been no different.

It started on Friday morning, my husband got off of work early so we could go to this new indoor waterpark in a nearby town. He came home and informed me that he had a wreck on his way to work this morning.  He went on to tell me that when he was stopped waiting to turn into work he felt a rock or something in his shoe so he reached down to untie his shoe and his foot slipped off the brake and he rolled forward into the truck in front of him. This was his story but I am 99% sure that he fell asleep and his foot slipped off the brake (you have to know how fast he will fall asleep to know this). It did no damage to his vehicle but it pushed two places in on the other person vehicle back bumper, so now we have got to pay to fix them two places. Good news no one was hurt, bad news it was his fault. That's number ONE.

We got everyone ready to go to the indoor waterpark and tried to forget our bad luck this morning. On our way to the waterpark this crazy, road-raged, lunatic got behind us in bumper to bumper traffic and decided we needed to take off like a bat out of hell when the light changes and was blowing his horn at us like I could do anything about the cars in front of me. He then decided to pass us and while doing that almost ran into us. Good news he didn't hit us, bad news he has a drivers license. That's number TWO.

We got home Friday safe (thank goodness) but we had to go out of town Saturday for soccer.
Saturday morning we got up and headed to soccer hoping our bad luck had subsided. Everything was going well until we were on the way home. I now think the number one reason for car accidents on Saturday mornings are yard sales. There was this lady in the left lane coming up beside us in the right lane, I guess she seen the yard sale but not us. She just pulled into our lane in front of us and puts on brakes to turn. Luckily we seen her BUT we had to slam on brakes in order not to hit her. She must have seen us slam on brakes because we didn't even blow the horn at her then the funny thing was she turned and gave US "the bird". What??? I wonder what people like that are thinking, are they thinking "What the heck is that person thinking riding down the road in their lane and almost hitting me because I turned in front of them?" Really do they think it was our fault, we are the ones that should be mad. Good news, again we didn't have an accident, bad news she is still out there driving around (with kids in the car).That's number THREE.

I thought then, good I have made it through my three "bad" happenings. Until....

On Monday I decided to go online and balance my checking account and pay some bills. As soon as I got on I seen a charge of $39.95 from a place called SupportMeLTD. First reaction, what has my husband bought now. After I ask him about it and knowing I have never heard of this place nor have I purchased anything for that price I knew something was wrong. So I looked up the place and called the customer service. They informed me I had a account for a website called LifeStyle Deals Now (which I have never been on), they are a subscription based company to help people make money at home. Can you say SCAM? They told me the information on the account which was my name and debit card with a bogus email address. I went on and told them someone else done this and I would like to cancel this account and have a refund for the $40. Luckily that was not a problem. I then had to call the bank and inform them that my card number had been stolen and I needed a new one.
I have tried to think back to things I have used my card for lately to see if I can remember anytime this could have happened. I have not purchased anything online lately. The only places I have used the card is retail stores (Walmart, Target, Starbucks) and restaurants. I always wonder if it is safe to give your card to the waitress and let them take it out of site to pay your bill. I am think of getting like a Visa card that you add money to just to use at restaurants that do that.
Good news, I have already gotten my refund back and a new card, bad news there is not way to find out how they did get my card number. That's number FOUR.

I am SO hoping that this has been my cluster of bad luck for a while. It is so depressing to have these things happen especially when they are one right after the other.


Anonymous said...

The exact same thing happened to me at the beginning of October, but my credit card company caught the transaction right away and locked my account.

I wondered how my number could have been stolen, as well... and then today, news came out that someone tampered with the swipe machines at a bunch of Barnes & Noble stores and stole credit and debit card numbers, including the store I shop at. So even the swipe machines are not safe!

But just so you know, you're not alone in having this happen.

Daily Woman (Lacey) said...

Its just scary to know just how easy it happens. This day and age I think the only thing you can really do is watch your account closely. I still have no idea how someone got my number.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daily Woman! Thanks for this post. I too had a charge on my credit card from SUPPORTMELTD.COM as well that I never made.
I am just just starting to look into this, and found your blog, which only verifies that this place is a Scam.
Thanks for the post, Trust me when I say that "When it Rains...it Pours", your luck will turn around soon..I am sure!
Happy Holidays!

Daily Woman (Lacey) said...

Thanks for the comment. You should cancel that card for sure. I still have NO idea how they got my information it is so puzzling. Good Luck with you situation. Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Hi.i just found $39.95 charge from SupportmeLtd also. I called the 888 number i found on my online bank statement and got a live perso ( I was prepared not to get anyone). A guy identified himself as the company Support Ltd. I asked what kind of company he represented and he said they offered support to merchants and websites. I told i am none of those. He asked for the last 6 digits of my card that was charged. I gave it to him and felt maybe i should call the bank about this. He didnt try to talk me out of it or anything to my relief. He said the company that submitted the charge on my account was Lifestylesnow.com....UGH !!!! HOW DOES THIS STUFF HAPPEN ?????
NOW it wil take 7 to 10 business days (oh ...not including weekends to get the money back !!! I am so sick of dishonesty !!!
Thank you so much Daily Woman for talking about this and letting me vent.

Anonymous said...

This just happened to me today. My credit card company phoned me to verify. I denied. Is there a common store we have used? Are you in Ohio?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. The same exact thing happened to me on Christmas Eve! I live in NC, but did almost all my Christmas shopping online, so have no idea which place they got my check card number from.
At first he said he could only cancel my "subscription" and couldn't refund the money because they just do support for this lifestyles site. But when I pressed him and said I've never heard of it and didn't sign up for anything, all the sudden he could refund it, but it would take 7-10 days.
Definitely a scam!

Anonymous said...

Happened to me too, I'm in MN. They seemed to be helpful when I contacted them, but we'll see if the refund actually comes back. either way I'm getting my card revoked and re-issued.

Anonymous said...

This happened to me on 12/24/12. Same supportmeltd.com and life style deals now thing. But I noticed that on 11/28/12 there was a $2.50 charge from HydraSupport.com. This website looks the exact same as the supportmeltd site. I think this was a tester to make sure my card was valid.