Hearing On Autism

If you don't want to hear me rant stop reading now!

I was watching the Hearing On Autism on C-SPAN this morning and just hearing people from the CDC talk makes me mad. They act as though Autism is not a epidemic. Do you remember when the H1N1 virus hit, every news channel was covering it.They were on top of it. That did not even have close to the numbers of autism which is not 1 in 88. Think about what would have happened if 1 in 88 caught the H1N1 virus.
Listening to Rep. Dan Burton (I hate its his last year) you at least feel good someone understands. He states that mercury is hazardous and should not be in vaccine. He said "In 1929 they came up with thermasol and tested it on 29 people with meningitis, they all died of meningitis but they said the thermasol did not cause any of the problems so it was safe. So ever since 1929 it has never been completely tested and they continue to use it in vaccinations. It wasn't so bad when the child only got 1 or 2 vaccinations but 28-30 before 1st grade (my son had 33) it really hurts them. He goes on to say the the FDA and CDC has said there has been no conclusive evidence that thermasol causes neurological disorders. By them saying that there has been no conclusive evidence creates a doubt and if there is ANY doubt that thermasol could be a contributing factor then get it out of vaccinations."

Just listening to him I know my gut has always been right. First before all you pro-vaccine people start going crazy, I want to say I am NOT anti-vaccine, I am anti-thermasol. I feel there is a better way to make vaccines then the use of thermasol. As long as it is in certain vaccines I nor my children will not take another vaccine. I will tell you what I know. I have 2 boys, the oldest has all his vaccine up to he was 5 years old (he did not get the last group of boosters), my youngest had almost all of his, he didn't get his 5 year boosters or the last group before that. The thing I noticed my youngest had 5 MORE vaccines then my oldest (which had all of his up to 5 years). IF I had choose to give my youngest all his vaccines he would have had almost 40 vaccines before 1st grade. He has autism and after learning that I think he has been exposed to enough.
I believe it is all about money, I do not think we need all these boosters to prevent diseases, they are just a way to get more money.

Another view I have is our bodies are made by God and I believe he knew what he was doing, that is why he gave us immune systems but we have destroyed this system through these artificial means so now we are dependent on artificial treatment.
I would just like to see thermasol taken out of ALL vaccines, that would save alot of arguing, why won't they take it out?

Our government's system to help people with disabilities needs so much I do not know where to start. We can't get any help for our son because WE make too much money. They should not even consider our income in what he gets. He needs the help now and should not have to wait until he is 18 to get help.

My hope is that this hearing doesn't stop here, I hope that many watched and learned that some many families need help. Our kids need help.

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