What the Holidays are all About.

Christmas has come and gone but I still found a way to keep Christmas alive if even for a few more days. I heard about this couple that decorated their yard with over a million lights. It had some great benefits too, it was free (ask for donations only) and it was only about 45 minutes away.

Insert from Wikipedia-
Every winter Caswell residents Leon and Ann Paschal decorate their yard and cabins with over a million Christmas lights (approximately 1,040,000 lights in 2004) and miscellaneous decorations. The extravaganza has attracted local and national attention; a news special was even featured on the Fox News Channel in 2005. Gospel music is played throughout the entire display to convey messages of hope and redemption. The attraction is open to the local public and is free of charge; donations help fund the Paschals' approximate $10,000 electric bill generated by the light show. The couple says they "do it for Jesus because he's the reason for the season."

We took our boys and they totally loved it. My youngest, who already loves anything to do with trains, did not want to leave the trains. I believe they had about 8 different trains going. He said his favorite one was the one they had above our heads in one of the cabins.
I loved all the beautiful bright colors and the waterwheels. I think this will surely be on our tradition list from now on.

Wouldn't you hate to be the one taking down these decorations?

For Directions to Casville Christmas Light Show just search it in your browser or watch the above You Tube Video.

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