Free Blogger Opp Dream Essentials Giveaway

Here's your chance to be a part of another awesome Visionary Bri giveaway!

This time we're partnering with Dream Essentials to bring you a giveaway you won't want to miss. 

And, in Visionary Bri tradition, every entrant is a winner!

The cuddly stuffed animal is a cover which is easily removable for washing. 

When it's heated your tension melts away with most heat and the smell of lavender. 

The Neck Wraps come in two styles - White Husky or Golden Retreaver. 

Perfect for you or a nice cuddle-puppy for children.


You can even put the heatable insert in the freezer for a cuddly cold pack!

 But that's not all. In Visionary Bri tradition, every entrant is a winner!

Every entrant to this giveaway will get a coupon code

for 15% off their next Dream Essentials purchase.

valid for 2 weeks following the close of the giveaway.

Details of the Giveaway:

  • Bloggers get a FREE Twitter or Facebook link with Announcement Post

    or $5 payabl
    e on PayPal to brifloorwilson@gmail.com (limit 2 blogs per

  • Additional links available for $3 each payable on PayPal to brifloorwilson@gmail.com
  • Giveaway will start on 4/29 on midnight, central time and end on 5/12 at 11:59 pm
  • Bloggers agree to report giveaway link within 24 hours of giveaway going live or will be removed from the RC
  • Bloggers agree to market the post on the social network or linky of their choice 3 time per week

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