JAVA ME UP Energy Bars at Shoplet.com {Review}

(Mocha Almond)

I am a huge coffee fan so when Shoplet.com needed reviewers for these coffee-fueled energy bars I was happy to do it.  I can't start my day without at least one cup of coffee but some mornings it is a challenge to get the coffee made and out the door on time. With the JAVA ME UP bars I can just grab one on the go.  
These bars are made with chocolate, almonds, coffee and rolled oats with 160 calories and 6g of  protein.  One bar = One cup of coffee. 

I have tried other energy bars in the past and the coffee taste was overbearing or they taste like cardboard. These had just the right amount of coffee taste. When you first take a bite you get the coffee taste but the mocha/almond flavor takes over. The texture is slightly chewy. They did not have an undesired aftertaste either.

Keep a couple in your desk, they would make a  great afternoon snack for an extra little boost to get through those last few hours at work.  

I would definitely recommend these to any busy coffee lover. 

Get some for home or office HERE. 

Disclosure- Daily Woman received a complimentary sample of this product in exchange for  this post. All opinions are my own. 

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