Smead Products {Review}

Smead  has some great products to help you stay organized and Shoplet.com has most of them. I was able to review the 12-Pocket Stadium File, SuperTab tab folders and 3-n-1 SuperTab Section Folders.  As a homeschool family we are always looking for way to stay organized. We have lots of worksheets and papers to keep up with. I really loved the 12-Pocket Stadium File, it would be easy to store if you  aren't ready to use it yet and when it is in use it is space friendly.

 The Smead Stadium File holds folders securely and are clearly visible. It came with a sheet of stickers for the tabs.  When I first opened the package I noticed that it was quite sturdy. I have had other folder tiers that were not near as sturdy.  I decided to use my for my kids school work. This Stadium Tier made it possible for me to put assignment worksheets, finished work for each subject in one place.

Lockit Tab

The Smead  3-in-1 SuperTab Section Folders are great. I like that they had  different sections to insert your papers in. It is nice to be able to put documents together that should be.  The sections on one side are also high up so it holds your documents more securely and the other side is shorter to hold smaller papers. The one thing that makes these folders stand out is the Lockit Flap at the top inside corner. I know everyone has picked up a folder and the paper slid out the top, well not with these folders.

Tall Sections

The Smead SuperTab Pink File Folders are basically like your regular manila file folder but with a larger tab. The larger tab is great for detailed labeling. One reason I love these is because they are pink, I love anything pink. They show my support for the fight against breast cancer.

SuperTab File Folder

I really liked all of these Smead products and will get alot of use out of them.

For more great Smead products or other office supplies check out Shoplet. 

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