Westcott Carbo Titanium Scissors from Shoplet.com {REVIEW}

I use scissors for something everyday, whether it is something for our homeshool, in the kitchen or just clipping coupons.  When I was sent these Westcott CarboTitanium Blade Scissors from Shoplet I was excited to use them. Shoplet.com carries all your business and office needs, including cleaning supplies, medical supplies and office furniture

When I first removed them from the package I tried them out in my hand to see if they felt comfortable. I found them to fit my hand quite well. I ask my husband to try them since he has a bigger hand and he said they felt nice also.  The biggest issue I have had with scissors is after a period of time they would get dull and not cut as well and after long use my hand would start to hurt. Well these have a lifetime warranty so if anything was to happen you can check with Westcott Brand for a replacement so no more worry about dull scissors. I have found that if an item has a warranty it is a great product & you usually do not have to use it. 

Here are just a few of the qualities special to these scissors:
CarboTitanium which is 8X harder than stainless steel
Knife Edge to make cutting through fabric easier
Corrosion Resistant for longer blade life

While using these I found that the cut was smooth and precise. They cut through thin cardboard with ease. We tend to do a lot of crafts that require cutting and even though I wouldn't let my kids use these scissors they were great for items I had to cut like construction paper, felt and foam. These are the do-it all scissors and the only pair you will need.

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