Disney World Trip Disaster

Our trip to Disney World in Florida started out being a disaster and only got worse. I purchased a Disney package off of Groupon.com which was actually a very good deal. I was suppose to get 3 nights in Garden Inn Hilton at Disney and 2 Adult pass for any of the Disney parks for 339.00 plus tax, anyone that has been to Disney knows just the passes are 80.00 each, so it was a good deal. The first indication that this was not going to go well the Groupon deal changed because it filled up at the Garden Inn, so now we have to stay at the Hilton at SeaWorld, we can't even go to SeaWorld with our package. Then I called to check my reservation and the people had never heard of Groupon. Ok now I am worried. I did finally get that straight.

We were excited to leave on Wednesday since we had a 12 hour drive there. We decided to split it up and spend the night in a motel half way there. If you read my post a few days ago about my husbands trip to Germany you may know he just got back on Sunday night so he is still jet lag from that. He also caught a cold while he was gone so he wasn't feeling that great. We thought he was getting better since he had been resting for about 3 days. So off we go heading to Florida.

On our way everything seem to be ok except my husband could not stay awake for more than a minute. My husband has diabetes and when he gets sick his sugar stays elevated which is why we thought he couldn't stay awake. We stopped about half way there and slept (or I tried to). When we finally got to Florida on Thursday my husband wasn't feeling very well at all. I ask him if he needed to go to the doctor, so here is where the "trip" begins.

I am not going to go through every single minute even though I could because there wasn't alot of great moments, so I am going to list the worse of it. Here is basically how our trip went...

the first day I drove from 9am till Midnight after driving 6 hours the night before, my husband had to go to the Emergency Room and found out he had pneumonia.
My boys started getting sick on Thursday, both with congested nose and a cough.
We got lost ALOT trying to get around Orlando, which is so frustrating.
I started feeling really bad due to getting a cold and all stress.
THEN when we did get to Disney it was soo HOT.
The worse thing of all was when we were leaving Disney, we went out the exit and stopped to look at the sign to see which way to go to the Ferry, turned around to find my youngest son who has Autism was not there. Automatic Panic. I started yelling his name and looking for him. I did have a locator on him so I was getting that out and my husband yells I see him and takes off running. I take off after him. When I go to him I was crying like a crazy person. It was the MOST scariest moment of my life. Needless to say I am so over Disney right now I would be happy to leave now.
We went to meet the bus to head back to the hotel, I was so tired, my whole family was so tired. When we got to the room we decided to eat at the restaurant there, then my husband and youngest took a bath and went to bed. I took my oldest down to the hot tub and pools, he had been wanting to go to all day. I probably could have saved some money and just stayed at the hotel in the pools and the kids would have been fine.
I was so ready to go home but still had a 12 hour drive. We spent the whole day Sunday driving and FINALLY got home Sunday night at midnight. I have never been so happy to be home.

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