Wondering About Blog Giveaways

I wanted to post something to show the view from a person that enter all these giveaways you see on blogs.

About a year in a half ago I won my first blog giveaway, a diamond necklace and since then I have been hooked. I love the excitement of getting the "You Won" email. I also started my blog at that time in order to share the great giveaways and businesses on. I know alot of people do not want to enter giveaways because you have to admit it is alot of work especially if you want to win. I have had others ask me how do you KNOW that the ones that pick the winners do not pick and choose who wins. My answer to that question is I guess you just have to trust that all the blog owners do the right thing and use whatever form of picking the winner they say they do. I have wondered at times since I enter so many giveaways and I use the same name for all of them if some may say " Oh she has won enough from me I am going to choose someone else" or she has won one of these before she doesn't need another one. I hope that would never be the case. I think no matter how many times someone wins they should have the same chances as the person that has not won at all. Like I said it is ALOT of work. I do however understand that some sponsors may have rules against sending the same prize to the same address but usually that is only big companies that have a department that sends out prizes. This really doesn't happen very often.

I wonder if I should use a different name and email to enter instead of the one I always use since I am sure by now I am well known in the blog community but most bloggers would tell you that they may think you were trying to cheat. I am sure there are people out there that enter giveaways with more than one email. I am not one of them I think that is wrong. I am a honest entrant so I hope the giveaways I enter are honest too.

One of the reasons I enter giveaways is because I really like a certain product and even if I purchase it, I may want to win some too. I also enjoy spreading the word about great things (and people) I find on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and blog. I am going to start something new in the next month, when I win a great product I am going to post about it and its sponsor on my blog.

I have recently enter some giveaways that I guess the sponsors were kinda new with doing giveaways and didn't have the rules in place that they wanted. I have won a few of the same product but from different sponsors and bloggers which means the giveaways were not by the same people. I have caught some slack about this even though I did nothing wrong. I always read the rules BEFORE I enter and I seen no restrictions saying I could not enter. After I won I had to deal with some rudeness from the sponsors which I thought was totally wrong since I done nothing wrong. Let me explain something, if there is 10 giveaways for GC to the same company (this company may have lots of different items) and they are going on at the same time, I am going to enter all of them to increase my odds of winning one. If I end up winning 2 which is very unlikely that is just really lucky. The rudeness just makes me wonder if this is a company I want to deal with, it is uncalled for. I treat giveaways like a business I follow the rules and don't cheat plus I try to be nice and understanding, all I expect is the same.

I truly believe that most blog giveaways are done exactly like they should be. I hope all bloggers read this because I know they would like to know how to to get more readers and giveaway entries. I would like them to know that people like me love to learn about new products and read all the different blogs and even if I do get lucky enough to win sometime I should never be punished for winning. I want everyone that is weary about entering blog giveaways, don't be I believe most bloggers pick winners exactly like they say (some even post videos of them doing so).

                           Remember -You can't win if you don't enter. Good Luck.
Part 2 to Come.

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Mikki said...

I think I might be hooked now too :) It is a lot of work, though! I just began a new giveaway linky, and I'd love for you to enter some of the ones listed. At least one of them has less than 60 entries for a $50 gift card! It's at http://momsbestnest.blogspot.com/search/label/Feather%20Your%20Nest%20Giveaway%20Linky

I appreciate you posting about the Dezign with a Z giveaway! Would you also consider posting my Feather Your Nest Giveaway Linky on your blog?

BTW, I am now your happy GFC follower!