Switched-On SchoolHouse Curriculum Review

This year I decided to go back to the Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse Curriculum for my 5th grader. He had problems last year with all the reading he had to do so I am hoping switching will help.

This is one of my favorite Christian Based computer based programs. It is super easy to set up and add subjects. Its flexible and you can customize it , so it fits the students needs.

Basically to set it up you just put in the start up disc then it checks your computer to be sure you have the minimum requirements, if you do that it, click next and wait. After you have done the set up then you can add what ever subjects you want. I loved that you could choose if you use the disc or loaded the subjects onto your computer. If you are like me you have very little room on your computer.
Some of the benefits of Switched-On Schoolhouse are

Quick Installation
Automatic Grading - (which is one thing I REALLY love)
Daily Work Report
Revised Content
Text-to-Speech - (which is what my son is going to love)
Homepage Themes
Enriched Games
Automatic Curriculum Updates
Lesson Planning
Book Reports
and many many more. Go to Features to see more.

There is only one thing I could find that discourage me and that was the price. It is quite expensive and if you have multiple children in different grades you will end up breaking the bank.

Switched-On Schoolhouse is available in 3rd through 12th grade. Subjects include Bible, History & Geography, Math, Language Arts and Science plus lots of great electives to choose from. You can purchase the complete 5 subject curriculum or per subject.

So in my opinion Switched-on Schoolhouse gets 4.8 STARS.

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