No Need to be RUDE

So my giveaway talk continues.

I recently have been entering giveaways for the same company since I really like the product and the more you enter the better chance I have of winning. Well I won a prize a few weeks ago and the sponsor sent me an email telling me I won and to email her back with my information. The problem came about when she found out I had used the certificate that they use to redeem the prize once before. I had used one of the certificate but with another sponsor and I guess the certificates are can only be used by one person one time. When she told me this I told her I had been told from other sponsors that it was ok and they would just have to order my prize directly OR send me the certificate for a gift. I don't think she liked either idea because even from her email I could pick up on her rudeness. OK wait a minute I entered the contest just like the rules said and now I have got to put up with rudeness, I don't think that is fair.
If you are going to have a giveaway you need to know what you are doing and if you are new at it and make a mistake don't take it out on the wrong person.
She may not think she was rude but  when you make someone feel like they did something wrong it is rude. Once I did get my prize she made sure to tell me I was the one who taught her she needs to clarify the conditions of her giveaways. (again making ME feel I did something wrong)

I have had problems like this before and usually the sponsor are really understanding and considerate and trust me I have dealt with alot of sponsors and bloggers since I enter so many giveaways. I can't say how nice most of them are and they are the ones I come back to.
One thing I know I will not be BUYING from this sponsor or referring anyone else to do so.

Anyone else ever had to deal with a rude sponsor or blogger after winning a giveaway?

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