Lilla Rose Fabulous Flexi's Review

I have reviewed Lilla Rose Flexi Clips once before but they are still my favorite hair accessory so I thought I would share my new ones with you. They have Flexi Clips, Headbands, Bobbies, Sticks, U-pins, Flexi-Oh and Badge Clips in many different designs and sizes.
First I will admit I am a Lilla Rose Addict.
I found out about Lilla Rose through a giveaway I entered and won. Once I received it I fell in love with it. I have always worn my hair up in some way so these were perfect because there are so many ways to use them. I will post some great example here.
Before Flexi's I used the dreaded plastic clip or scunci's, NEVER again. The Flexi is so comfortable I have slept in it before, try doing that with a plastic clip, OUCH! These are so much better for your hair, I have never gotten my hair tangled up in a Flexi. These things hold your hair tight too, no slipping out or falling down. 

Lilla Rose comes out with a new Flexi Clip and the month of October was a cute little owl they call "Hoot". (which I HAD to get myself for my birthday)
There are a few reasons besides the pretty clips why I love Lilla Rose. They have cheap shipping, only $4 Worldwide for most orders and it is super fast. They also have a 90 day Free Exchange policy and a One year guarantee. I have a pretty large collection of clips in an assortment of sizes and still have more that I would love to have. I can guarantee once you have one you WILL want another one. 
When you order you will sign up under a consultant, I can not say enough good about my consultant, she is super. Contact her at the Facebook page below.
You can check out here Facebook page and Lilla Rose Website for alot more information. She can also explain how you can sign up as a consultant if you want to get some free Lilla Rose products and make some extra cash. 

Want to learn more about sizing and styling check out this page. 
I know you will love Lilla Rose Flexi Clips as much as I do. Your friends and family will surely love them for Christmas (hint hint).

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