MoBu Herbals Review

Mobu Herbals are products made with 100% natural herbal ingredients to help treat different ailments.  I was able to review  the Body Butter, CCC Balm and Kava Calm Balm from Mobu Herbals. I am usually not one that used these type of products but I can honestly say  I have changed my mind.  My main worries with herbal products is they wouldn't work and the smell, they usually do not have the greatest smell. I didn't have these issues with these products.
 Mobu Herbal will work quickly and without the worry of side effects. 

The  Gourmet Body Butter I tried was the Pear & Ice which was a nice mix of sweet pear and  vanilla. I use  some type of lotion everyday to avoid dry skin and itching. I loved the way this body butter smelled and how soft it left my skin. Mobu Herbal offers quite a few different scents in body butter. 

I also tried the CCC Balm which is a herbal blend to help with  cough, cold and congestion.  Some may not like the scent of this balm but I liked it. It is much better than the menthol scent.  My son happened to have a cough during the time I was reviewing this products so instead of giving him some cough medicine I rubbed this on his neck and chest. It took about 20 minutes to work but it calmed his cough so he could go to sleep. I felt so much better about using this than I would using over the counter cough meds. 

The Kava Calm Balm is to help with anxiety, stress, panic attacks, nightmares & restless legs.  I have to ask who couldn't use this?  This one smelled more like lavender than  anything I thought.  I felt like it did help me to relax, I used it before going to bed.  

I really enjoyed trying these products out and I am positive that if I can use a 100% natural herbal product over OTC meds I will.  

Mobu Herbals also offers a great business opportunity.  Right now the company only has about 100 consultants.  If you are interested in signing up you will need to purchase a kit. The kits start as low as $15 and go all the way up to $325.  There is also a $9.95 monthly fee which is for access to your personal website and to begin collecting your commission. Consultants receive a 35% commission instantly on all personal purchases & sales.  With the $9.95  purchase receive 5% commission of first level if sold $50 in commission. There are two other levels that earn based on sales. If you would be interested and would like more information contact Brenda Deming (info at bottom of post) and/or click this link for the current incentives & commission program.

Don't want to  be a consultant but would like some free products and savings? Host a party and share Mobu Herbals with your friends and family.  You can host a party totally online  or by getting together with  your friends & family. For information on Hostess Rewards see picture below. If interested contact Brenda. 

Contact Brenda through Facebook, Twitter or Email (mobuherbalsshop@gmail.com)

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