New Trent Airbender 3.0 Bluetooth Keyboard/Case for Air 1 & 2


New Trent did not disappoint with this Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard/Case for my Ipad Air 1. I could see I was going to like The Airbender 3.0 from New Trent as soon as I opened the box.  First off let me say that the packaging was excellent, the item was double boxed and it was well anchored inside the outer box. 
This wireless keyboard seem to be more sturdy then the other bluetooth keyboards I have tried. I already had one keyboard that I used with my Ipad 2 but it was just the keyboard (no case) and you could not use any type case with the ipad cause it would not fit in the notch that holds it up. Understand though that even though the Airbender 3.0 has a case it does not provide protection against dropping it or anything.  When you close the case up with the keyboard to look like a little laptop. 
Keyboard disconnected from Stand

A little information about this keyboard/case..
Only Compatible with the Ipad Air and Ipad Air 2
Hard Shell Case with Matte Finish
Adjustable Stand for Horizontal and Vertical use

First off I charged the keyboard with the included USB charger wire and had no issue with pairing it with my ipad. The ipad was easily installed into the case with no problem. I like that you can adjust the view of the ipad between landscape and portrait (it actually goes around in a full circle) because with most other keyboards it didn't work well when trying to view in portrait mode.  This thing has so many great features. You can also take it completely off the keyboard in case you want to put the screen farther away from you or if you want to use it just as a stand. One more advantage is you have a case on your ipad no matter what, you can disconnect it completely from everything and just have the case on it. I like that the slide out stand/arm is made of metal so it is less likely to be broken. When the keyboard and ipad are closed they are not bulky either, it is still about the size of having a folio case on it. It has nice rubber grips on the bottom of the keyboard that helps keep it from sliding around when trying to type. I found typing on the keyboard quite comfortable and the keys seemed to be spaced well.

Ok now for the few little things that I would probably change about it. If you want to use the ipad in landscape mode with the keyboard in order for the ipad to sit in the notch at a good viewing angle you have to pull out the sliding hinge. This isn't a big big deal but just something I would probably like to change. The other thing is that I wish the hinge that is directly on the back of the ipad had some resistance so you could angle it any way that you wanted. If the ipad is not sitting in the notch it just falls down. (I hope I explained that well) One last little thing is the little rubber latch, I have a feeling after long use this will end up broken off. 


The price of The Airbender 3.0 is very reasonable compared to many others on the market. I feel like it is well worth the cost because of its versatility.  

Using with just the Stand (Landscape)

*I received a free or discounted product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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