Blog Review

As you have probably noticed I like to enter blog contest, I just started doing it and still trying to figure out a good system for keeping track of the contest I enter. I have noticed that depending on the blog they all have different rules, some better than others. There have been some that I have passed up due to what they have ask for, here are some reasons I personally do not enter the contest...

1 They ask you to do 2 or 3 things for one entry.

2 They want you to put your email in the entry, there are just too many hackers and crazies out there.

3 They want me to put my Facebook name in the comment. I dont mind "liking" them and leaving a comment on their wall so they will know.

4 Ask me to follow the company or product AND them in order to Tweet.

5 They do not have a standard Retweet statement to use that will fit in the Tweet space. You can only have 140 characters.

6 Some do not post the winners for a long time or I am not sure if anyone won of not because I never see it posted.

7 If the giveaway is over, close it so no more comments can be made or post end date clearly.

These are just some of my opinions and I think if bloggers want alot of follower they should think about what they are asking the followers to do. Let me say this that MOST bloggers I have come across are very professional, organized, and considered, this list is just some things I noticed that are kinda a turn off.

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