A Good Day Blogging

I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago and I didnt think I would really enjoy doing it as much as I do. I have entered giveaways and actually won a few things. Yesterday was by far the best day, I won a "Oogy" audiobook, a Rock N Learn Dvd, and a Kranich's Diamond Necklace. The funny thing was I forgot I entered the contest for the necklace because that was when I first started and I didnt write it down. It was a pleasant surprise.
It is hard work blogging though, its alot of typing and if you do more than one or two keeping up with the different requirements is diffcult. I usually do most of mine late at night or when I have some spare time. I would love to get into reviewing products on my blog but since I just started I expect that would be hard to do.
I am looking forward to today too, it is alot of giveaways ending, so who knows maybe today will be good too.

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